Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dems Looking Up

Dems Now Have 51% Chance Of Holding Senate Control. What Changed? | Crooks and Liars:

What you want to watch is the momentum as we draw closer to the election, because the candidates who are gaining almost invariably win. Me, I lean heavily on one other historical electoral indicator: When ordinary people bring up politics, it's gonna be a change year -- and last week, my haircutter was talking about getting her entire family out to vote:...

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

No Debt Relief For Students

Sentenced to Debt: Republicans Block Student Loan Refinance Bill - MainStreet:

Yesterday the Senate blocked a vote on the Bank on Students Emergency Loan Refinance Act, which would have let people with lingering student loans refinance them at the same rates offered to new borrowers in the past year—rates lower than on loans going back to the last decade.

“Life is about choices,” said Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.). “Each of us have made a choice on education, like where we’re going to go to school and what we’re going to study. There was a choice made on the Senate Floor today, and it was a choice by Senate Republicans to ignore students across America who are struggling to make ends meet because of overwhelming amounts of student loan debt...”

Comment Of The Day: Iran Raygun Edition

Here's Some Stupid For Lunch - Esquire

Andy Koenigsberg · Top Commenter · Westborough, Massachusetts

Your assessment is spot on CP, but no one seems to remember that, or that Reagan's henchmen negotiated with the Iranians to not let the hostages go until Carter was actually out of office.

I am sure you are as flumoxed as I am that no one seems to remember that it was St. Ronnie who made the deal with the Ayatollahs and their minions. Why none of this is in the current narrative about Reagan presidency says a lot about us as a country and it's not flattering.

Crazy In NC:Tillis Riot Edition

This Republican Tried To Stop North Carolina From Apologizing For A Racist Massacre. He’d Like Your Vote, Please. | Mother Jones:

...But at the time, Tillis—who showed up in Wilmington on Tuesday with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in tow—offered another explanation for opposing the measure: Not all whites had participated in the riots. So Tillis pushed for an amendment introduced by a fellow state representative that would have added language to the bill commemorating the heroic white Republican lawmakers who had opposed the violence. "The proposed amendment would have acknowledged the historical fact that the white Republican government joined with black citizens to oppose the rioters," he argued. The amendment failed, and Tillis ended up voting no on the final version...

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Palin Pugilistics, Part 3

Stretch Hummers. A bloody brawl. And Sarah Palin? - The Washington Post:

...Meanwhile, because the drama never ceases, the next night, Bristol Palin returned to her home in Wasilla to find a stalker in her driveway, who was arrested and charged with felony stalking...

Crazy In NC: Fracking Dirty Tricks Edition

Asheville Citizen-Times-"Group Challenges Pro-Fracking Support"

Homeless men unfamiliar with fracking were bused from Winston-Salem to a state hearing Friday on the controversial technique for extracting natural gas, an effort to bolster a pro-fracking turnout, according to an environmental group and a published report.

“They were clueless,” said Bettie “Betsy” Ashby, a member of the Jackson County Coalition Against Fracking. “At least two of them I met definitely came from a homeless shelter. One of them even apologized to me and said, ‘I didn’t know they were trying to
do this to me.’ One said, ‘I did it for the ...’ and then he rubbed his fingers together like ‘for the money.’”

Several of the men were wearing turquoise shirts or hats that said “Shale Yes” on the front and “Energy Creates Jobs” and “N.C. Energy” on the back.

The hearing about hydraulic fracturing took place at Western Carolina University and attracted about 600 people. Opposition to fracking was overwhelming in comments made during the fourhour hearing, hosted by the N.C. Mining and Energy Commission.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ripping Fox

From Bernie Sanders To Miss Piggie - Top 20 Insults Directed At Fox News | Liberals Unite

Winning The War On Poverty

The Way to Beat Poverty -

...Jessica reminded us that the greatest inequality in America is not in wealth but the even greater gap of opportunity. We had been trying to help people in Zimbabwe and Cambodia, and now we found ourselves helpless to assist one of our daughter’s best friends.

One reason the United States has not made more progress against poverty is that our interventions come too late. If there’s one overarching lesson from the past few decades of research about how to break the cycles of poverty in the United States, it’s the power of parenting — and of intervening early, ideally in the first year or two of life or even before a child is born...

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Bought And Paid For: George Will Edition

George Will Promoted "Key Issue" Of Lobbying Group Two Weeks After Keynoting Its Conference | Blog | Media Matters for America:

George Will promoted a "key issue" of a lobbying group in his Washington Post column just two weeks after giving the keynote address at its conference.

Journalism ethicists have recently raised concerns about Will's ethical practices, and have urged greater transparency and disclosure in his Post columns. Will has been criticized for failing to reveal his connections to Wisconsin's conservative Bradley Foundation, and Americans for Prosperity (AFP), a massive political group backed by the industrialist Koch brothers...

Benghazi Recap Redux

Facts Media Haven't Covered From The New 13 Hours Benghazi Book | Blog | Media Matters for America:

...This disagreement was eventually politicized and inflated by media and political figures, who insisted that members of the Obama administration, or then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, had ordered rescue efforts to "stand down" permanently and leave Americans to die. But as the contractors explained to Tapper, though they believe they could have done more to save American lives that night had they been allowed to leave immediately, they did not view the decision as one of "malice" towards Americans, nor did they place the blame for the decision on anyone higher up than the base chief...

Palin Pugilistics, Part 2

'Money Boo Boo' - The Most Hilarious Responses To Palin Family Drunken Brawl Found On Twitter | Firebrand Progressives:

When the news broke that the Palin family was involved in a drunken street brawl, it was met by a lot of skepticism that it really happened. Some things, after all, just seem too good to be true. But it really did happen. There are at least two witnesses who have given their accounts, one of which went on Good Morning America and subsequently got fired for doing so...

Terror Advice

Common sense please, ISIS more hype than threat (VIDEO):

...If America continues to react to every group that scares us by arbitrarily killing Americans and making threats on social media they likely cannot honor, it will actually make us less secure. America should invest in making America safer at home and letting those most affected by regional threats keep their own houses in order. Sadly Americans die every day in the streets of America and abroad. It is simply not sensationalized in a manner that affects good policy.

We must use common sense. Terrorists are not only in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Somalia. They are all over. Many are already here in the US, both Muslims and Christians (Islamist terrorists and Right Wing militia terrorists in waiting). Dropping bombs in Iraq and Syria does nothing to prevent them from acting. Terrorists DO NOT need a base of operation.

We must not allow the neocons and the military industrial complex to profit once again at the expense of investing our taxes in middle-class programs, middle-class projects, and security at home.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Comment Of The Day: Flogging Darth Edition

MSNBC's Ed Schultz Calls Out Wall Street Journal Editorial Board For "Hiding" The Facts About Dick Cheney | Video | Media Matters for America

Obama and the United States owe Cheney a huge apology.
I'm sorry. We were wrong. We should have never allowed you to become
VP so you could push this country into the worst and most criminal war
in American history. We should have called you out on your delusions
that this war was going to be a quick little walk in the park.
we allowed you and your fall guy to be in the WH...We actually ensured
that the terrorist organizations would get in and create the problems
they are creating now. When you said that they had WMD's...We should
have laughed you out of the WH. When you said that Iraq had something
to do with 9/11 and was trying to build nukes, we should have called you
out on your Bullshyt.
I'm sorry Cheney. We should have seen you
for the evil, sadistic, greedy, lying, backstabbing, unAmerican, bitter,
hateful and pompous piece of dried up, run over and fly ridden shyt
that you truly are.
I'm sorry you will burn in hell. Actually. No I'm not. Not even a little.

Palin Pugilistics, Part 1

Sarah Palin's Family Allegedly in Alaska House Party Brawl - ABC News:

Sarah Palin and her family were at the center of a lively party last weekend that erupted into a fight, with daughter Bristol Palin allegedly throwing a right hook, a man who says he was a guest at the party told ABC News.

“She was punching him [another man] in the face like six times; it was an assault if I’ve ever seen one,” Eric Thompson said, adding that he was among 70 guests at the birthday party in Anchorage Saturday...

Thursday, September 11, 2014

More Brown Witnesses

“He had his hands in the air!”: New witnesses of Michael Brown’s killing come forward -
  and here's another take on the same story.

Another No-Empathy GOPer

What Kind Of Man Writes A Letter Like This? Doctor Lays Off Long-Time Employee After Cancer Diagnosis | Firebrand Progressives:

... I hate the thought of bringing politics into a personal tragedy like Jumper’s. But I am fed up with pretending that the personal is not political. This tragic story is perhaps the most graphic illustration I’ve seen of how the personal and political in this country have intersected at the gateway to Hell.

It’s bad enough that I’m forced to end this by paraphrasing Newt Gingrich in 1994: there’s a sickness in this country today, and the only cure for that sickness is to vote progressive. This year, and every year after that. Until the Carol Jumpers of the world never have to fear receiving such a despicable letter.

The State vs. Church Argument In ME

Islamists Are Not Our Friends -

...President Obama is right to note the old order’s disappearance in the region and the time it’s taking for a new one to emerge. The administration is struggling to define an effective strategy — but the Islamist vs. non-Islamist divide creates an opening...

Nine Eleven Syndrome

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Cont'd - Esquire:

...What happened in New York 13 years ago deranged a nation that was almost begging to be deranged. The Soviet Union was gone. Grenada, Panama, the First Gulf War, the Balkans, in all these places where we made war, we had what were essentially walkover victories. We had no geopolitical enemies, no country strangling our trade, or impressing our seamen, or bombing our Pacific fleet, or pointing nuclear missiles at our cities any more. Then the planes hit the towers, and the towers came down, and we had an enemy again. We declared war on a tactic. We declared war on "terror." The concept was so patently absurd that dozens of other absurdities naturally flowed from it, the most glaring of which was the preposterous and mendacious case made for our invasion and occupation of Iraq. We jumped at shadows, heard voices in our heads, ducked and covered and lost our minds, and there were people in positions of power who were happy to oblige us for their own political and economic benefit. Then, we elected a new president, and the new president extricated us from the occupation of Iraq, and from whatever the hell we were doing in Afghanistan, which primarily seemed to be keeping the people who live there from slaughtering each other. But the war on the tactic never ended because it cannot end. You cannot defeat "terror," because it has too many allies, some of them in your own government. It is embedded in the political culture now as deeply as the Cold War ever was -- and that is not an accident, either. War against someone, war against something, somewhere, anywhere, is one of the last unifying elements in a country that was encouraged by both its declared antagonists, and by far too many people within its own government, to become deranged...