Saturday, November 22, 2014

Nasty In The Sorta South

Kentucky fire chief refuses to help black family after traffic accident: “We ain’t taking no n–gers here” -

A Kentucky law enforcement official is under fire this week after footage of his deeply racist comments was made public on Tuesday. In September, Southeast Bullitt Fire Chief Julius Hatfield was recorded on a Bullitt County Sheriff deputy’s body camera during a response to a traffic accident, when Hatfield allegedly refused to help a black family while referring to them in derogatory, racist terms...

Friday, November 21, 2014

GOP Will Help Dems Turn Out The Vote

Republicans Hand Obama an Immigration Triumph -- NYMag:

...Substantively, Obama’s executive order gives him less than he hoped to gain with a bipartisan law. But politically, he has ceded no advantage. Indeed, he has gained one. Not only does immigration remain a live issue, it is livelier than ever. The GOP primary will remorselessly drive its candidates rightward and force them to promise to overturn Obama’s reform, and thus to immediately threaten with deportation some 5 million people — none of whom can vote, but nearly all of whom have friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors who can...

Not In The South, NY That Is

Four white NY teens suspended for racist taunting of black class president:

Four white students were suspended this week for racially motivated online harassment of the newly elected senior class president at their school...

Thursday, November 20, 2014

O'Tool Of Wall Street

Elizabeth Warren slams President Obama justifiably:

Elizabeth Warren is justifiably upset. One of America’s last bastions of true liberalism and progressivism is slamming the President for his nomination of another Wall Street bull. Last Wednesday President Obama nominated Antonio Weiss to serve as Under Secretary for Domestic Finance at the Treasury Department.

Antonio Weiss is the head of the investment banking firm Lazard. And what does Lazard do? They do what most investment banking firms do. They maximize capital investment returns irrespective of cost to country or humanity...

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Great Foreign Policy Advice

Did Dubai Do It? -

...But never forget: We can only amplify what they do. When change starts or depends on our staying power, it is not self-sustaining — the most important value in international relations. When it starts with them, it can be self-sustaining. The best example of that is the U.A.E. and its crown jewel, Dubai. I had several conversations here on this question: Did Dubai cause the Arab awakening?...

Don't Put The GOP In The White House

Bernie Sanders Won't Save You | Crooks and Liars:

One of my frustrations with Ralph Nader was his absolute refusal to do anything about party building between presidential elections. He shows up as a spoiler vote every four years, but isn't really interested in the work required to make a structural change. Sadly, I see parallels with my fellow liberals and the Nader campaign. Effecting change takes a lot of work, and it takes constant work, even in off-election/midterm years. You can't pin your hope on some magical progressive pony like Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders and think that suddenly everything will be rosy and liberal...

Worthless People

GOP lawmaker: Government employees “produce nothing” -

In the wake of dismal revenue figures indicating that Kansas will need to come up with $279 million in savings by June, the Republican speaker of the state House of Representatives is calling for drastic cuts to government services rather than increased taxation, asserting that government public employees “produce nothing.”

“Government employees produce nothing. They’re a net consumer,” Ray Merrick told the Wichita Eagle late last week. “That is employment to Democrats. Hire more [government employees]. And that was Kathleen [Sebelius, the state's governor from 2003 to 2009]; she’d brag about her employment number, ‘Oh, I got a lot of people employed.’ Yeah, you got a lot more government employees employed. That doesn’t stimulate the economy,” he added.

It’s certainly news to economists that a dollar spent by a public school teacher or firefighter doesn’t count the same as a dollar spent by a private sector office worker — just as it’s news that educating young minds and protecting public safety amounts to “nothing...”

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dems Should Run On Something That Works

Democrats can’t win white working class voters: The party is too closely identified with blacks, Latinos, and other minorities.:

...The conclusion is straightforward. Democrats don’t have to worry about alienating these voters with their cosmopolitanism. If they can just embrace a populist, forward thinking agenda—in which they tackle stagnation and explicitly attack the wealthy engineers of extreme income inequality—they can win these younger whites who are comfortable with diversity and want a more level society. As Noam Scheiber writes for the New Republic, commenting on Teixeira and Halpin’s piece, “The politics of this approach work not just because populism is a ‘message’ that a majority of voters want to hear. But because, unlike the status quo, it can actually improve their economic prospects...”

The World Of The Cons

Ferguson Protests And Fox News' Contempt For Free Speech | Blog | Media Matters for America:

 ...Conservative commentators have a long history of condemning, as vile and un-American, citizens who protest on behalf of their causes, whether it's racial injustice, income equality, collective bargaining rights, raising the minimum wage, or defending public education. The spotlight on Ferguson and its supposed "lynch mob" represents just the latest example of those sweeping condemnations and attacks on civil discourse.

Keep in mind that it was Fox News, as well as the rest of the right-wing media, that championed lawless insurrectionists earlier this year in Nevada when gun-toting militia members rallied to the side of rancher Cliven Bundy, who refused for more than two decades to pay grazing fees for his cattle that fed off federal land. (Bundy's Fox-sponsored crusade imploded when he was recorded making racist comments, asking if black Americans were "better off as slaves.")

In the Fox worldview, activists are thugs and thugs are freedom fighters...

Monday, November 17, 2014

Wealth Little Help In Politics

'Billionaires' Book Review: Money Can't Buy Happiness | New Republic:

...Billionaires seems to have been sparked by West’s belief that rich people, newly empowered to use their money in politics, are now more likely than usual to determine political outcomes. This may be true, but so far the evidence—and evidence here is really just a handful of anecdotes—suggests that rich people, when they seek to influence political outcomes, often are wasting their money. Michael Bloomberg was able to use his billions to make himself mayor of New York City (which seems to have worked out pretty well for New York City), but Meg Whitman piled $144 million of her own money in the streets of California and set it on fire in her failed attempt to become governor. Mitt Romney might actually have been a stronger candidate if he had less money, or at least had been less completely defined by his money. For all the angst caused by the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson and their efforts to unseat Barack Obama, they only demonstrated how much money could be spent on a political campaign while exerting no meaningful effect upon it...

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Obvious Politics

Addicting Info – The REAL Reason The GOP Keeps Winning: Lies, Fraud, Vote-Rigging, And Treason (VIDEO):

As the Democrats’ stunning midterm losses prompt much soul-searching and finger-pointing, we ignore the real reasons the GOP keeps winning: Lies, fraud, vote-rigging, and treason...