Friday, April 24, 2015

The GOPer Rats Are Breeding

Cannonfire--"Why is the media screwing the Clintons (AGAIN)?"

They are at it again. Even though Hillary Clinton has given every indicator that she plans to veer right -- her very logo contains a bright red "right-turn" signal -- the Powers-That-Be are making a concerted effort to make sure that the Clintons never again get near the White House...

The Lies That Won't Die

Looks like Bill Maher started a thing.

Zombies of 2016 -

Last week, a zombie went to New Hampshire and staked its claim to the Republican presidential nomination. Well, O.K., it was actually Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey. But it’s pretty much the same thing.

You see, Mr. Christie gave a speech in which he tried to position himself as a tough-minded fiscal realist. In fact, however, his supposedly tough-minded policy idea was a classic zombie — an idea that should have died long ago in the face of evidence that undermines its basic premise, but somehow just keeps shambling along...

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Daily Flashback:Skippy Shrub Edition

A Reminder to Republicans of Just How Bad Things Were Under George W. Bush:

...Was his election not a foreshadowing of how terrible things would be in the next 4 years? For the first time since 1888 we “elected” a president who lost the popular vote. Could you imagine the conservative outrage if President Obama was elected president, yet lost the popular vote? That might have been the catalyst that finally triggered a second Civil War.

Then just a few months later we saw the worst terrorist attack in United States history...

GOPer Grumpies

McCain is no fan of Rand Paul for this 2016 election | National Monitor:

There is some tension building between Sen. John McCain, and Sen. Rand Paul, and it may have exploded on Wednesday when McCain referred to the 2016 presidential candidate as “the worst possible candidate” on the issue of national security.

McCain’s statements, which were made on Fox News’ “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” were in response to Paul himself calling McCain and Sen. Lindsey Graham, “lapdogs for President Obama” on foreign policy...

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Doing v. Talking

Addicting Info – CEO Slashes Own Pay To Raise All Wages To $70,000, And Business Is Booming (VIDEO):

...Unlike the many CEOs raking in over 331 times the average pay of their workers, Price believes in setting a good example.

“So my message is, think about what’s the right thing for you to do. Because, with leadership, there’s a moral imperative to lead and to do the right thing for those that you’re leading.”

When Lake asked about how other CEOs — who may feel pressured to start paying more — have responded, Price replied that most feedback has been positive. Most of the business leaders he’s heard from either say they’ll do it or that they want to be in a position to do so in the future.

As for those who don’t, yes, Price would like to reverse the current trend towards income inequality...

Clinton Book Bursts Into Flames In Daylight

ThinkProgress Report: Schweizer Admits He Cannot Prove Allegations In Clinton Cash | Blog | Media Matters for America:

Peter Schweizer's Clinton Cash reportedly does not prove its speculative attacks on the Clintons and even relies on a hoax press release to support a claim, according to ThinkProgress...

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The End Of Reefer Madness At DEA?

Marijuana Activists Cheer�Michele Leonhart's Exit from the DEA - Bloomberg Politics:

Drug Enforcement Agency chair Michele Leonhart was done in by her agents’ unsanctioned, cartel-funded sex parties in Colombia, but it’s marijuana legalization advocates who are excited to see her go.

“Hopefully this is a sign that the Reefer Madness era is coming to an

end at the DEA,” said Mason Tvert, the director on communications at the Marijuana Policy Project. “Michelle Leonhart has maintained an opinion about marijuana akin to the opinion people had back in the 30s...”

Comment Of The Day: MLK In Chicago Edition

Man Dies After Spine 'Virtually Severed' In Police Custody | Crooks and Liars

jupiter2 Alan Porcella

"It is not confined to the southern states"

MLK on going to Chicago: "I’ve been in many demonstrations all across the south, but I can say that I have never seen – even in Mississippi and Alabama – mobs as hostile and as hate-filled as I’ve seen here in Chicago."

Huckabee HalfTruth Hits A Homer


...So what to make of Mike Huckabee coming out swinging on this issue on Friday and taking Christie and the others to task in no uncertain terms?

“I don’t know why Republicans want to insult Americans by pretending they don’t understand what their Social Security program and Medicare program is,” Huckabee said in response to a question about Christie’s proposal to gradually raise the retirement age and implement a means test.

Huckabee said his response to such proposals is “not just no, it’s you-know-what no.”

“I’m not being just specifically critical of Christie but that’s not a reform,” he said. “That’s not some kind of proposal that Republicans need to embrace because what we are really embracing at that point is we are embracing a government that lied to its people–that took money from its people under one pretense and then took it away at the time when they started wanting to actually get what they have paid for all these years...”

Monday, April 20, 2015

Foot Shooting Voters

Why do blue-collar workers vote against their economic interests? | TheHill:

...There is however, no question in the minds of critics as to what is going on. More ominously, for those who seek to preserve democratic traditions, this latest move is one more indicator of the invidious impact that money on the political process.

It seems evident to the outsider that Republicans feel completely comfortable in voting against the interests of their constituents because they know they have either short memories or no memory at all...

The Empire Struck Back

George Lucas Is Building Affordable Housing For The Poor:

After his wealthy neighbors opposed his effort to build another studio, George Lucas decided to build affordable housing for the poor instead with his own money. Now they’re enraged....

Actual Welfare Spending

How welfare recipients spend their money: It's not steak and seafood.:

Red-state lawmakers have been on a rather unnecessary crusade lately to stop welfare and food stamp recipients from spending their government aid on luxuries like cruises and supermarket king crab legs. This has, thankfully, led to some discussion about how low-income families actually use their money—which is to say, not all that differently than the rest of us. (More of their budgets generally go to food, because people have to eat...)

Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Beginning Of The End...

...of the Drug War?

Obama Signals Support For Changing Course In Federal War On Medical Marijuana:

In an interview that will air for the first time this weekend as part of CNN's latest installment of its medical marijuana documentary series "WEED 3," President Barack Obama signals support for medical marijuana and for rolling back the federal government's war on drugs...

Rovian Lynch Error

Rove Admits Holding Up Lynch Nomination Was A Mistake, But Defends It Anyway | Crooks and Liars:

Karl Rove did his best to try to have his cake and eat it too when it comes to the Republicans holding up the confirmation of Loretta Lynch for Attorney General on this weekend's Fox News Sunday. Rove knows full well the optics are awful and damaging to his party, but he couldn't help himself with wanting to take the opportunity to attack the Democrats on the issue of abortion...

Clinton Supporter Tells Why

We're for Hillary and Here's Why�|�Joseph C. Wilson:

...After President Obama's election in 2008, there was a widespread feeling that it would mark an end to unseemly partisan nastiness. We were subjected to its rancor, and we hoped, too. Unfortunately, it soon became obvious that the wish for a post-partisan presidency will always be fanciful so long as the radical right-wing, backed with the immense financial resources of special interests, will target and demonize anyone who disagrees with it. They tried to do it to President Clinton, and they have tried to do the same thing to President Obama in the most vulgar and bigoted ways. They will do it again to whoever is the Democratic candidate. Hillary knows that. But she also knows that if we are ever to make this a better nation and society, we must stand up for true American values for progress against these destructive forces. She is strong enough to do so. And as president she will provide the seasoned, smart and tough leadership the United States will need to face the challenges of this rapidly changing world. She is by far the most qualified and trustworthy person to protect our national security interests and to create a better American future. Hillary stood with us, as she has stood with so many over the years, and we are proud to stand with her for our country now.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

LEO Extrordinaire

Ohio Cop Refuses to Resort to Deadly Force: 'I Wanted to Be Absolutely Sure' - NBC

A rookie Ohio cop is being praised for "great restraint and maturity" after he held off using deadly force against a double murder suspect who charged at him, his police chief said.

In a confrontation Thursday with a man accused of killing his fiancee and his best friend, New Richmond Police Officer Jesse Kidder is heard on his body-camera video yelling, "No man, I'm not going to do it!" and ordering the suspect to get down on the ground.

The suspect rushes toward him shouting, "Shoot me, shoot me!"

"Back up!" screams Kidder, holding his gun out. The man finally crumples to the ground just feet away from the officer in the video taken in the Cincinnati suburb of Elsmere, Kentucky...

Obama The Brawler

With 2 years left, Obama getting tough on critics | News24:

Just as Congress is hitting something of a bipartisan stride on such issues as Medicare, Iran and trade, President Barack Obama and his White House team have decided to go after their Republican critics, picking fights and scornfully calling them out by name...