Thursday, October 27, 2016

Crazy In NC: Still Vote Suppressing Edition

North Carolina Republicans try to stop 100-year-old Grace Bell Hardison from voting:

A lifetime of residence in North Carolina, a quarter of a century of never missing a vote is not enough of a history for Republicans there, so they tried to keep this voter out of the polls...

The Orgins Of Obstruction

Why McCain Wants to Leave the Supreme Court Hanging:

...The majority leader of the House of Representatives was telling members of his conference that their constitutional responsibility to begin the process of removing an elected president from office was a required party-line vote.

Newt Gingrich’s politics of destruction was a prelude to this moment, but once Tom DeLay defined the impeachment of a president as a political act rather than a grave constitutional responsibility, for the Republican Party there was no turning back.

Eighteen years later, John McCain is playing by Tom DeLay’s rules.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

GOPer Women Worried

A new ‘war on women’ breaks out. This time, it’s inside the Republican Party. - The Washington Post:

A growing number of prominent Republican women are worried that as members of their male-dominated party step up to defend Donald Trump against accusations of sexual assault, they are causing irreparable damage to the GOP’s deteriorating relationship with female voters...

This Day In Election Fraud: FL

BREAKING: Florida Governor Busted Attempting To Toss Thousands Of Mail-In Ballots (DETAILS):

Florida Governor Rick Scott declared war on Florida voting rights. He tried to throw out tens of thousands of mail-in ballots this election, but a federal judge blocked the action, then reprimanded him. Saturday U.S. District Judge Mark Walker issued a blistering caution to the Scott’s top election official on a lawsuit about vote-by-mail ballots...

Moore Amused By tRump Endorsement

Michael Moore mocks Donald Trump Jr. for thinking ‘Trumpland’ documentary is pro-Trump:

...Moore gleefully responded to Trump Jr.’s endorsement, tweeting, “Hey everyone – Trump, Jr. & right wing thinks my movie called “TrumpLand” is pro-Trump! Haha. Pls don’t tell them otherwise! #satire #irony...”

The Daily Flashback: ACORN Edition

The Republican Party knows something about "rigging" elections - Shareblue:

...Despite the organization’s exoneration, and a host of scientific research to dispute the existence of widespread voting irregularities, the seed of distrust was already sown, and has led to numerous attempts, many of them successful, at voter suppression. The GOP’s mendacity has been so fruitful that even though ACORN hasn’t existed since 2010, 40 percent of Trump voters still believe it will steal the election for Clinton in 2016.

Moreover, the very success of groups like ACORN, and the historical barrier broken by the election of the nation’s first Black president, were used as justification for the Supreme Court’s dismantling of the Voting Rights Act in 2013. In other words, voter suppression and loosening of voter protections suddenly became necessary when historically disenfranchised voters mobilized to elect one of our own...

Not Panic Time

Still Tight in Florida:

...Put that all together and the PollTracker Average (our trend estimate) shows Clinton 1.7, which places Florida in the Toss-Up category (any lead under 2 percentage points.) On balance, given the two other polls released today with Clinton 3, Selzer/Bloomberg looks like an outlier that is simply off the trend. But time will tell.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Is Fixing CDS Possible?

The linked post doesn't really address that issue, but I wish some of the "big thinkers" from the A-List blogs would contemplate it. Surely, if the Z-listers like me wonder about these various issues and ideas, someone with high traffic can do it, too. I'm confident they troll through the "little blogs" looking for material, so go for it guys and gals, give us the big liberal thoughts that no one else has had.

They're already trying to erase what they did to Hillary Clinton - Shareblue:

...The colossal imbalance of the coverage of the candidates in this election is absolutely worth exploring, especially by members of the media who facilitated that imbalance. But the exploration will be worth nothing at all if it excludes accountability for the dreadful coverage of Clinton.

tRump And The Body Snatchers

Former Cruz Aide Shocked Senator 'Succumbed' To Pressure To Back Trump (VIDEO):

Amanda Carpenter, former communications director for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post Tuesday describing her disappointment that so many Republican leaders, including her former boss, have backed Donald Trump as the GOP nominee.

"Ever since Trump announced his candidacy 17 months ago, it’s been like watching political body snatchers take over the party, replacing previously respectable men with dead-eyed zombies who readily salute 'Mr. Trump,'" Carpenter wrote...

Delusional Donald

Donald Trump Goes Poll Truther - BuzzFeed News:

...Over the course of the day on Monday while campaigning in Florida, Trump has insisted several times that he is actually ahead.

“I believe we’re actually winning,” Trump told a farmers roundtable at a farm in Boynton Beach. “If you read the New York Times and if you read some of these phony papers — these are phony, disgusting, dishonest papers — but if you read the stuff, it’s like what are we doing?”

“The truth is I think we’re winning,” Trump said...

It Was All Fine With The GOP

70 Trump disgraces that were perfectly acceptable to the GOP - Shareblue:

Until he was heard on a recording condoning sexual assault, Donald Trump had the support of a wide array of Republican officials. Their ranks have thinned, but it's worth taking another look at what they deemed acceptable for the duration of the 2016 campaign...

Leftist Gloom And CDS Are Still With Us

Donald Trump, domestic terrorist: The man who tried to kill democracy — and why we had it coming -

...Calling Donald Trump a domestic terrorist isn’t even a metaphor. A terrorist seeks to provoke a society’s worst impulses and expose its hidden weaknesses, and Trump’s terrorist assault on our so-called democracy has done that brilliantly. He’s like a funhouse-mirror reflection of America’s overweening pride and vanity, deadly sins for which we are now being punished. He is the ugliest possible American caricature, made flesh. We told the world we were a free-enterprise meritocracy where talent rose to the top, and that guy became rich and famous. We told the world we were the exemplar of democracy, a light to all the nations, and that guy almost became president. We deserve Donald Trump, and we have an opportunity to learn from him. But if we believe that stopping him just short of the White House can make the problem he so vividly embodies go away, we will deserve whatever comes next.

Monday, October 24, 2016

GOPers Wanna Sue Over Their Nominee

Republicans Threaten Lawsuits Over TV Ads Linking Them To Donald Trump | Huffington Post:

Some Republicans are running so far away from their party’s nominee that they are threatening to sue TV stations for running ads that suggest they support Donald Trump...

Russia Knew About VladiLeaks Story Before It Was Released

Russia scoops Wikileaks on new Podesta emails - things that make you go hmm - AMERICAblog News:

Russia’s state propaganda organ, RT (previously known as “Russia Today”), scooped Wikileaks yesterday on Wikileaks’ own story.

On October 22, at 8:20AM Eastern Time, the Russians tweeted a new story of theirs about the Wikileaks Podesta emails.

Then, 30 minutes later, at 8:50AM ET, Wikileaks announced its new Podesta emails to the world.

In other words, the Russians broadcast the Wikileaks story to the world before Wikileaks itself, and the Russians even had enough notice to write a story about it...

tRump Is Not Beating Himself

Donald Trump’s collapse was caused by one big factor: Hillary Clinton -

...But it’s a mistake to discount the huge effect of the debates, well beyond Trump’s predictably ridiculous performance. These were the first occasions since the Benghazi hearings for people to see what Clinton is made of, and it reminded them of the characteristics that make her a formidable leader. When she stood there, face-to-face with Trump, it was clear that one of them was a president. And it wasn’t him.

No One Wants AT&T Acquisition

Washington Monthly | The Left and the Right Agree: Stop the AT&T / Time Warner Merger:

...One heartening example of this bipartisan populism is the response to the proposed acquisition of Time Warner by AT&T. The deal would be a huge boost to AT&T in consolidating power not only over mobile devices but the content played on them...
In The Godfather novel Mario Puzo made the point several times that Vito Corleone really liked monopolies because they are obviously more efficient than competition. True-- if you own the monopoly. But AT&T wouldn't act like the Godfather, right? Right? 

Once A Jerk...

Donald Trump Made ‘Apprentice’ Staff Work Through Hurricane Sandy Chaos - The Daily Beast:

As New York City called for a state of emergency during Hurricane Sandy, which left 53 people dead, Donald Trump forced staff to come to Trump Tower to shoot The Apprentice a few floors below his apartment—in between tweets challenging the president to produce his birth certificate...

Clinton Is The Best

The Leftist Case for Clinton – Medium:

...If that sounds a little strong, consider this: Clinton supporters have been stuck playing defense all year, swatting away criticisms and scandals, hoping that once the fog cleared, everyone would see the formidable politician beneath. So no one’s really bothered to make the positive case for President Hillary Clinton.

This is my attempt.

The short version is this: If we play our cards right, historians will remember the sixteen years from 2009 to 2025 as a period of profound change in American society. That change will be largely credited to two outsize personalities — Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton — and their progressive coalition of young voters, people of color, and urban whites with college degrees...

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Don't Flog Opponents!

How to Build an Exit Ramp for Trump Supporters:

...If you want people to change course, you have to create an “exit ramp” for them. This entails creating the space and safety they need to acknowledge and pursue a better way forward. Here’s how you might go about doing that when the situation is emotionally or ideologically charged...
One of the first times I wrote about this was back in 2005, but not much has changed in the last eleven years. I have burned many pixels on this same subject, but the Great Liberal Smugness And Superiority Complex continues unabated. I read at least a half-dozen comments per day about "knuckle dragging Southern goobers" and the "leeching Red States" and the "cousin humping RWNJ" etc. If you try and engage any of these "liberals" in dialog, sooner or later it always comes back to "We kicked your ass in the Civil War" and Lincoln "should have executed all the traitors," "burned the South to the ground" and "salted the earth." Doesn't that just give everyone a nice warm and fuzzy? I want to convert the RWNJ and it can be done, but the invective has to stop. No one will ever come around to your point of view if you can never get them to listen to you because you are insulting them with every word you say.

I realize that it is hard to believe for some people, but your every word is not Holy Writ, and people are entitled to differing viewpoints, even if yours is the right one. I know far more RWNJs than you do. I am confident in that assertion because of where I was born, raised, and currently live. Nearly all of them are kind, decent people who are just trying to make their way through a world drowning in Hate Radio and Fox News, institutions they were taught to trust as children and are only now realizing that they have become propaganda machines. Give them a break. Extend a hand. With a smile, not a sneer.

Bad Polls For GOP

Election Update: Trump May Depress Republican Turnout, Spelling Disaster For The GOP | FiveThirtyEight:

...The problem for Trump is that taken as a whole, his polls aren’t very good — and, in fact, they may still be getting worse. An ABC News national poll released on Sunday morning — the first live-caller poll conducted fully after the final presidential debate — showed Clinton leading Trump 50 percent to 38 percent. Clinton’s 12-point lead in that poll is toward the high end of a broad range of results from recent national polls, with surveys showing everything from a 15-point Clinton lead to a 2-point Trump edge. But the ABC News poll is interesting given its recency and given why Clinton has pulled so far ahead in it — Republicans aren’t very happy with their candidate and may not turn out to vote:..

Good Advice For Loser tRump

Rigged election? Trump is just hanging himself out to dry - LA Times:

...Trump has said his father taught him that there’s nothing worse than being a loser. But that’s wrong. Most Americans don’t disdain the second-place finisher in a tough contest. What they dislike, instead, is a sore loser.

Hope For Racists

How a poster child for white nationalism changed his mind and his life - Shareblue:

It can sometimes seem like extremist views are impossible to change. But one man, born and raised within the white supremacist movement, offers a different story...

A Sad And Sorry Vet Shafting

Thousands of California soldiers forced to repay enlistment bonuses a decade after going to war - LA Times:

Short of troops to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan a decade ago, the California National Guard enticed thousands of soldiers with bonuses of $15,000 or more to reenlist and go to war.

Now the Pentagon is demanding the money back...

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Crazy In NC: Cheap Bribes Edition

A superior court judge in N.C. needed a favor. So he tried to bribe a federal agent with Bud Light. - The Washington Post:

The offer was simple enough.

Arnold Ogden Jones II suspected his wife was having an affair, and he needed a favor: access to some text messages on his wife’s phone, between her and another man whose number was from outside the state.

So last October, Jones — a sitting superior court judge in North Carolina — approached an FBI officer he knew to see whether he could obtain copies of the texts...

The Gloomy tRump

Donald Trump is in a funk: Bitter, hoarse and pondering, ‘If I lose. . .’ - The Washington Post:

...The gloomy mood has extended to his signature rallies, which Trump used to find fun. During the primaries, he would bound onto rally stages bursting with energy and a sense of excitement that intensified as the crowds chanted his name and cheered his every word. He would regularly schedule news conferences, call into news shows and chat with reporters, eager to spar with them. He would say politically incorrect things and then watch his polling numbers soar. He used to be the winner...
Maybe he needs to see Dr. Feelgood for a little lift, though there's probably not enough Xanax in the universe to shine this spittoon. There are other alternate choices (sniff, sniff), though.

tRump's Plan: Sue, Sue, Sue...

Trump Threatens to Sue Accusers, Lays Out Plan for First 100 Days in Policy Speech - NBC News:

Near the hallowed grounds of Gettysburg, Donald Trump laid out his strategy Saturday for the battle ahead. But what was billed as a "roadmap" to a Trump administration was a further escalation of the GOP nominee's scathing rhetoric against his foes in a presidential election that he has likened to a war...
tRump might have sued his way to "business success," but he'll find suing his way to political success a much trickier prospect. That's the gist of his big plan. Everything else is just rehashed talking points that everyone is familiar with. He says he's going after the votes now but Clinton plans "to run out the clock." Meanwhile, Clinton is running out the clock with eleven scheduled campaign events.

Hunting For tRumpians Via Email

Heritage Foundation Recruiting Via Email For Potential Trump Administration - BuzzFeed News:

The Heritage Foundation is cold-emailing potential candidates to serve in a potential Donald Trump administration, according to a copy of one of the emails obtained by BuzzFeed News.

The influential conservative think tank sent out a questionnaire to potential candidates without specifically mentioning Trump but instead referring to the “next presidential administration.” The email says candidates are being recruited as part of Heritage’s “Restore America Project...”

Right Cutting Off Nose spite the "Face of the Republican Party."

Breitbart escalates war on Paul Ryan | TheHill:

A right-wing website closely tied to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is taking its war against House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) to new levels.

Breitbart News on Saturday published as its lead story an article written by Julia Hahn, headlined: “He’s with her: Inside Paul Ryan’s months-long campaign to elect Hillary Clinton president...”

Friday, October 21, 2016

Don't Let The Door...

Many Trump Supporters Say They Won't Monitor Polls Or Take Action If He Loses - BuzzFeed News:

...Susan and a man next to her said they weren’t going to monitor polls or take to the streets if Trump lost. They only mused about doing one thing if Clinton becomes president.

“Move to Canada,” they said.

The tRumpian Values Rampage

The Fury and Failure of Donald Trump - Rolling Stone:

...In recent years it all went stale. They started to run out of lines to sell the public. Things got so desperate that during the Tea Party phase, some GOP candidates began dabbling in the truth. They told voters that all Washington politicians, including their own leaders, had abandoned them and become whores for special interests. It was a slapstick routine: Throw us bums out!

Republican voters ate it up and spent the whole of last primary season howling for blood as Trump shredded one party-approved hack after another. By the time the other 16 candidates finished their mass-suicide-squad routine, a tail-chasing, sewer-mouthed septuagenarian New Yorker was accepting the nomination of the Family Values Party...