Friday, June 24, 2016

Zero From The Drug Testing Duh Zone

Michigan's Welfare Drug Testing Yields Zero Positives | Crooks and Liars:

Well color me surprised! Once again, a terrible Republican plan by Michigan's GOP Governor has failed to achieve its goal; which is to catch those drug-abusing welfare cheats and expose the fraud of the whole 'entitlement' concept. Except, not one of the 303 recipients whom they tested, turned up positive. Not one...

Bernie's Way Forward

What America Needs From Bernie Sanders - The New York Times:

...It’s not enough for Sanders to point out that voting for Trump is voting for bigotry. He needs to make it clear to his voters that they need to show up on Election Day, because staying home is like voting for Trump.

The Masters Of The Universe Are Rather Dim Bulbs

The real Wolf of Wall Street: Why Donald Trump is so popular with the richest investors -

...That would be one of the so-called Masters of the Universe who allegedly keep the engine of capitalism working with their strategic insight and keen grasp of complex issues. When you read something like that you realize how easily all those rich investors got taken in by Trump. It turns out they’re even more clueless than those poor dupes who ran up their credit cards to attend Trump University. They were dazzled by The Donald like everyone else...

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Crazy In NC: tRump Rally Edition

Sometimes the title of a post says it all. This one does. American Horror Story | New Republic:

...The shout came after the first mention of Hillary Clinton’s name at Tuesday night’s Donald Trump rally in North Carolina: An opening speaker had called her “Crooked Hillary.” There was a smattering of laughs inside the Greensboro Coliseum. Many of the attendees were boozy-eyed. Many had turned to their neighbors and rolled their eyes, while a few people clapped in the stands...

Crazy In NC: Mecklenburg Pay Edition

Mecklenburg commissioners’ appalling pay hike speaks volumes | The Charlotte Observer:

Out of order. The height of irresponsibility.

So politically tone-deaf it seems downright criminal.

Are we describing Tuesday’s appalling vote by Mecklenburg County commissioners to hike their own pay by 43 percent?

No, those stinging words and phrases fell from the commissioners’ own lips nearly a month ago, when they pelted school board members with lectures about fiscal responsibility. The school board’s sin? Seeking $23 million in new county money as well as an $805 million school construction bond referendum this November...
Everyone who is surprised at their gall raise your hand. Didn't think so.

Sheriff Joe Has More Money Than tRump

How much does Sheriff pay?

Could Donald Trump and Sheriff Joe Arpaio Cost John McCain His Senate Seat? - The Daily Beast:

...Joe Arpaio may be a local sheriff, but his national profile has helped him build a war chest three times the size of Donald Trump’s.

According to Arpaio’s latest campaign finance disclosure (PDF), the combative immigration hardliner has raised nearly $9.9 million for his November bid for a 7th term as Maricopa County sheriff, including $1.94 million since January alone...
Maybe old Tribble Dome should name Joe as his Veep. I'm sure that would save the Straight Talk Express from getting derailed.

Opinion Revision Underway

I have tended to agree with Greenwald's opinions on many matters; now, I'm having to reevaluate some previous thoughts, but then that is life in liberal land--- always looking for those biased facts. Perhaps, I can come to a most astounding and unconservative realization: I can be wrong.

Spitfire List | The Jo Cox Assassination: Assist, Greenwald:

COMMENT: In FTR #888 (among other broadcasts and posts), we noted that Citizen Greenwald ran legal interference for the “leaderless resistance” strategy while working pro bono as an attorney. Most important of his efforts, in our opinion, was his work defending the National Alliance against a suit that alleged that the group’s advocacy of racist violence inspired attacks on two Latino day laborers.

We noted–and repeat again–that the National Alliance’s books and literature are specifically intended as instruction materials, designed to motivate “lone-wolf” killers. Thanks to Citizen Greenwald, the National Alliance was relieved of any possible burden of civil liability in cases where their material achieved the desired goal–murder and mayhem...

But Fools Will Believe...

...because thinking requires effort and the deliberate victims of CDS suffer from the most terminal of all illnesses: laziness. 

The Discredited Books At The Heart Of Trump's Speech:

Donald Trump cited claims from two discredited anti-Clinton books -- Peter Schweizer’s Clinton Cash and Gary Byrne’s Crisis of Character -- in his June 22 speech attacking Hillary Clinton. Clinton Cash is filled with errors and sloppy research, while Crisis of Character has been strongly denounced by Secret Service veterans as implausible...

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Bros Get Latino Whacked

Chairman resigns, many Sanders supporters apologize for 'disrespectful' role in Latino caucus election - Nebraska:

A cadre of young Bernie Sanders backers in Nebraska learned this week that it wasn’t right to play politics with Latinos.

The Sanders group was accused of being “paternalistic” and exhibiting “white privilege” after it engineered the ouster of a longtime Latino leader in favor of a Sanders supporter as chairman of a Latino-centered group during last weekend’s Democratic State Convention...

Clinton Wins Important Endorsement

Republican Brent Scowcroft backs Clinton -

Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, received an endorsement Wednesday from a heavyweight foreign policy adviser to Republican presidents.
Brent Scowcroft, who served as National Security Adviser to Presidents George H. W. Bush and Gerald Ford, and who worked in the White House of Presidents Richard Nixon and George W. Bush, said Clinton "brings truly unique experience and perspective to the White House..."

tRump Does A Sad Bad Clinton

Donald Trump Gives Low-Energy Teleprompter Speech And Nobody Cares. Sad! | Wonkette:

...Donald Trump finally gave his Great Big Anti-Hillary Speech Wednesday; he had planned it for last week before the unpleasantness in Orlando forced him to instead yell at Muslims and tell some lies about immigration and why Hillary Clinton hates The Gays. Constrained again by teleprompters, Trump did his very best to sound Presidential, but instead sounded like Donald Trump under heavy sedation. We aren’t sure it was an improvement. But it was definitely a Trump event: It was held at the Trump SoHo in New York, so we can look forward to seeing at the end of the month how much the campaign paid Trump’s hotel for the day. And he got through the 45-minute speech without saying “bigly” even once...

Please, No More Bernout Whining

The Democratic Primary Wasn’t Rigged | The Nation: 

...But there also needs to be an honest discussion separating fact from fiction. Crying wolf about rigged elections, like some Sanders supporters have done, undermines the legitimacy of documented cases of voter suppression resulting from GOP-passed laws in states like North Carolina, Texas, and Wisconsin, which pose a real and urgent threat to American democracy.

Ammosexual Assery

I'm a very well armed liberal and I shot an expert rating using an M-16 back in the day. Gersh Kuntzman's article in the Daily News reported that his experience shooting an AR-15 was frightening. I don't think he's shot many guns but then so what? His experience is the one you should have the first time you shoot. If you're getting a Chris Matthew's tingle up your leg, you should seek counseling or a massage parlor.

Of course, shooting some heavier weaponry is even more noisy, but that doesn't negate his opinion. The ammosexual reaction is tied directly to masculinity, which has been my experience advocating for gun control. If the loons can't figure a way to challenge your patriotism, the next place they always go is your manhood, followed by your IQ. The example below is one of the milder insults Kuntzman published.

To gun lovers, you can't even have an opinion on assault rifles - NY Daily News:

..."Hey there Cupcake!" wrote Gary Haney. "I have never subscribed to the idea of 'gender confusion,' but after reading your article on the AR-15, I'm a believer because there is no way you and I are the same gender. You should surrender your testicles to the Department of Girlymen. I'm not sure where it's located, but your girlfriend Barack does!"...
If all this feels familiar, that's because it is. Debating with a gun nut is exactly the same as trying to discuss abortion or GOP failures. Now it could asserted that they are all the same, i.e. rightwing GOPers, but that doesn't really matter. The salient point is that they cannot be reasoned with so don't even bother. If you want sane gun laws, there is only one way to do it: elect Democrats and vote all the murderous NRA enabled fanatics out of office.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Days Best Words About The Great Senate Failure Of 2016

When Our Doubt Becomes Despair:

...How many dead people are enough? How much blood on the floor is enough? How much brain matter on the walls is enough? Please. Give us an answer so these folks won't come and pester you until enough of your constituents and fellow citizens have been slaughtered to make it politically feasible for you to do something about the bloodletting. Give the country an answer so it won't bother you again until the bodies out in the countries pile high enough to be noticed from the top of Capitol Hill...

Clinton Ups Her Game

My bold.

Hillary Clinton Warns Trump's Tiny Hands Should Be Nowhere Near The U.S. Economy | Crooks and Liars:

...Clinton equated a Trump presidency with Donald having the nuclear codes to his business life when she said, "You might think that because he has spent his life as a businessman, he'd be better prepared to handle the economy. Well, it turns out, he's dangerous there, too. Just like he shouldn't have his finger on the button, he shouldn't have his hands on our economy."

Then she hit him on all of his failed business endeavors that resulted in lawsuits and Chapter 11's, when she said, "He's written a lot of books about business. They all seem to end at Chapter 11..."

"You've Been Trumped"

The entire documentary is available on YouTube if you're interested.

Merchants Of Death Win Again

Almost Every GOP Senator Just Voted to Keep Letting Terror Suspects Buy Guns | Mother Jones:

...The final votes on these two measures both came in at 47-53 mostly along partisan lines. Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) was the only Republican to vote in favor of both Democratic bills. Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.), chair of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, voted against Murphy's measure on background checks. Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) voted for Feinstein's bill, but against Murphy's...

Little O On tRump Ticket?

What nobody’s mentioned about Corey Lewandowski’s firing — it was about Trump’s VP pick:

...Early on in his campaign, Trump said that he would consider OWN owner Oprah Winfrey as a potential running mate.

Monday, June 20, 2016

No Bump tRump

Trump Officials Disappointed He Didn't Get 'Bump In The Polls' From Orlando Shooting: Bloomberg | Crooks and Liars:

People close to Donald Trump are reportedly scrambling to come up with a political strategy to save his campaign after last week's mass shooting in Orlando failed to give the candidate a "bump in the polls" as his aides had hoped...

SCOTUS Stays Out Of Gun Debate

U.S. top court rejects challenge to state assault weapon bans | Reuters:

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday left in place gun control laws in New York and Connecticut that ban military-style assault weapons like the one used in last week's massacre at an Orlando nightclub, rejecting a legal challenge by gun rights advocates.

The court's action underlined its reluctance to insert itself into the simmering national debate on gun control. The Supreme Court issued important rulings in gun cases in 2008 and 2010 but has not taken up a major firearms case since...

Big Pot Coming?

Top researchers just demolished a huge fear about legal pot - The Washington Post:

...But in conjunction with the event, a pair of Brookings researchers who study marijuana policy released a report that pours a lot of cold water on the notion that marijuana legalization will usher in "Big Tobacco 2.0."

"The Big Marijuana rubric is more misleading than helpful as a guide to policy," Brookings' John Hudak and Jonathan Rauch write, "because it oversimplifies and stereotypes what is in reality a continuum of business scales and structures..."

If The Captain Fires The First Mate... he now steering the boat?

Donald Trump fires embattled campaign manager Corey Lewandowski - The Washington Post:

Donald Trump fired his embattled campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, on Monday as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee struggled to pivot to the general election and his political operation became at times paralyzed by internal feuding.

The dismissal of Lewandowski, a controversial Trump loyalist who chafed at suggestions that the candidate become more presidential, was seen as an urgent effort to calm Trump's allies, donors and Republican Party officials who increasingly have been alarmed by a recent series of missteps and dramas...

This Is The President I Want

The Hillary Clinton Doctrine: What Orlando reveals about her approach to foreign policy.:

...And are these the right questions, or in any case the only ones, to ask? During one of her first briefings on China as secretary of state, Clinton asked, to the surprise of everyone in the room, highly detailed questions about several dam projects that Beijing had begun—referring to them by name—and wanted to know how neighboring India was reacting to them. “She understood that water resources were a national-security issue in the region,” the briefer recalls.

It was a small moment, but it reveals something important about how Clinton sees the world, beyond the hawk-dove binary. It suggests that, in much the same way she sees domestic policy as a series of interlocking problems, Clinton takes a more expansive view than most hawks (or doves) of what “national security” entails...

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Somewhere The Angels Are Singing

End of conservative Supreme Court: Clarence Thomas may be next to leave | Washington Examiner:

Justice Clarence Thomas, a reliable conservative vote on the Supreme Court, is mulling retirement after the presidential election, according to court watchers...
This is the best hope for the Bernouts to actually achieve some of their goals. Clinton being able to name a majority court might just ensure that the worst of the GOPer inspired rulings would be repealed, effectively moving the country back to the more comfortable center, which might offer a legislative opening for more liberal ideas.

When Too Much Donald Becomes Cosmically Too Much Donald

The Republicans’ Big Hot Mess - The New York Times:

...Small wonder that one of Trump’s advisers recently suggested that the candidate not wait until the climactic hour to deliver his remarks but, in a break with precedent, speak every single night. Not just double Donald. No mere triple Trump. Four luscious scoops of him.

It’s an idea where narcissism meets necessity. And it’s reason to take that trip to the Arctic Circle that you’ve long fantasized about. Make sure that you’re beyond the range of the internet, and think about staying through Nov. 8...

Abbott's Pants On Fire

TX Gov. Greg Abbott Humiliated After Outrageous Lie About ISIS And President Obama | Crooks and Liars

...Take for instance this idea that ISIS is using the U.S.-Mexico border to get into the United States. Despite the fact that there's literally zero evidence to support this, and numerous fact checks into past claims have overwhelmingly concluded that ISIS is not coming into the United States through the Mexico border, that hasn't stopped Republicans from repeating this soundly discredited piece of propaganda over the last couple of years...

The Oddity Of The Super-Rich

Understanding Peter Thiel’s Politics:

...But while it’d be easy, and not incorrect, to cast him in the role of a latter-day Charles Foster Kane —  la Frank VanderSloot, the Republican donor who’s offered to fund any lawsuits against Mother Jones — Peter Thiel is more interesting than your run-of-the-mill rich guy. Some of his eccentricities, like his plan to live forever, are to be expected from a high-powered tech entrepreneur. But he’s known for odd politics as well: He’s a big Republican donor in a Valley dominated by Democrats. Though a self-described libertarian, he’s advocated for monopoly and argued that companies should be structured like monarchies. He’s funded idiosyncratic “political” initiatives, such as the Seasteading Institute’s project to create floating libertarian city-states. Famously, in a 2009 essay for Cato Unbound, he declared that he “no longer believe[s] that capitalism and democracy are compatible.” (Thiel has since said that he was wrong to think America was a democracy, calling it instead a “state dominated by very unelected, technocratic agencies”)...

Powerful Letter

What Parents Of Straight Kids Will Never Understand About Orlando:

Think you know what it’s like to be the parent of an LGBTQ kid? Think again...

Saturday, June 18, 2016

You.Have.Been.Programmed.With.C D S.

Harvard Study Confirms The Media Tore Down Clinton, Built Up Trump And Sanders | GOOD:

It’s no secret that, from the moment she announced her candidacy back in April 2015, Hillary Clinton has been bludgeoned by negative media coverage. The email server; the Wall Street speaking fees; the attacks from both Trump and Sanders. I’ve debated with people who legitimately fear she will be imprisoned before the election. Some, despite the venomous dismissal of my rolling eyes, have called her a murderer. Others: an old woman, a plutocrat, a crook, abused by her husband, no backbone to speak of. But if you’ve suspected that there’s a reason people are saying these things—perhaps parroting disproportionately negative stories they’ve consumed in the media over the past year-and-a-half—it turns out you’re right...

GOP Can Lose House

Republicans Should Worry About Losing the House - Bloomberg View:

Republicans need to start worrying about losing their majority in the House of Representatives.

Republicans accept the conventional wisdom that Hillary Clinton is favored to win the presidency, and they know that her election would probably end their majority in the Senate. But in a year that has upended political expectations, they have clung to one comforting assumption: Their hold on the House is secure...
Their hold is only secure if the Democrats sit home on election day like they did during the last two elections, but they are pissed now and not likely to get any happier between now and November. The GOP has two hopes: a massive terror attack and a nationwide pouring rainstorm. And both are highly unlikely.

Clinton Is The Only Viable Option

The Trump Donut: A Big Hole in the Middle | Progress Pond:

...I’ll save my thoughts on this for another piece, but here’s a teaser. While it has certainly seemed like Clinton has moved to the left to confront the challenge on her flank from Bernie Sanders, there is now such fertile ground in the center that she may be able to collect up a lot of disaffected voters from the center-right.

These two things don’t have to be mutually exclusive, but they do create a certain tension. Can Clinton solidify her left flank at the same time that she reassures the middle that she’s the proper steward for our country right now?

I Beg To Differ On Warren

Very well written article-- also funny! I will disagree on picking Warren as Veep. She needs to stay in the Senate where she can actually do some good. She's also too old and nothing in her background makes me comfortable with her as Commander-In-Chief; Tammy Duckworth is a totally different kettle of fish in that regard. Finally, Warren's acerbic tongue and manner might be satisfactory in the Northeast but she would be alienating in large portions of the country, where psychic space is still large and well-respected. Plus, why would you add someone to your ticket whose support is at best lukewarm? Clinton might as well put Sanders in if she is playing the "enemies closer" game. A Veep must be good at least at faking loyalty, which means someone who endorsed you no later than month one.

Hillary Clinton in charge is OK, but Elizabeth Warren, too? That’s pushing it | Hadley Freeman | Opinion | The Guardian:

...It is now just about accepted that it looks bad for a leader to have an entirely male team, yet wholly female is still too perverse, too out-there; there is a sense that women are pushing their luck (and few things are less feminine than luck-pushing). The reaction to even the suggestion of an all-female anything, from a movie to a presidency, proves not just that it’s exciting – but that it’s necessary.

tRump Dumping

The Latest Republican Effort to Stop Trump - The Atlantic:

...At this juncture, there are only two obvious people who can stop Donald Trump. One is Trump, who could either for some reason drop out of the race rather than face defeat, or else so thoroughly alienate his party by some statement or deed that there was a groundswell to dump him. But that would require much more than a few delegates scheming over rules and procedures. It would require a full-scale rebellion. (In fact, “rebels” is just how Trump referred to his intraparty detractors in an interview with The New York Times.) The second is Hillary Clinton, who currently leads him in polling. She of course remains unpalatable to most Republicans—though a few have started to hold their noses and go for it.

About That Ammosexual-ACLU Love Fest

Gun Rights Advocates, ACLU Team to Oppose FBI Terror Watch List Gun Ban:

...See, here's the thing. Ever since 2001, with several notable and politically impotent exceptions, this same faction of our politics has supported surveillance without due process, rendition without due process, black sites without due process, torture without due process, and the substantial gutting of due process in domestic areas such as the tort system and voting rights, to say nothing of its defense of racial and ethnic profiling, and of police officers for whom due process turns out to have been pepper spray and/or a bullet.

But suggest that someone whom the FBI suspects enough of being a terrorist to keep him off an airplane should be barred from purchasing a deadly weapon and, suddenly, everybody's a card-carrying member of the ACLU. It's truly a delightful thing to see...

Perhaps A Chance To Break The Gun Control Logjam

Have We Reached the Tipping Point of Gun Control?:

...Dan Gross, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, also said seven months ago that the gun control movement is at a tipping point. “We’re finally at the precipice we’ve been waiting for,” he said at a Brady Campaign event in November. The organization, one of the leading gun control advocacy groups, works to extend background checks at the national level to all sales of firearms, including at gun shows and online. Federal law currently doesn’t apply to about 40 percent of total gun sales that occur each day...