Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wal-Mart Fakes Benevolence

Wal-Mart Backs Drive to Make Companies Pay for Health Coverage - WSJ.com: "WASHINGTON -- In a major break with most other large companies, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Tuesday told the White House that it supports requiring employers to provide health insurance to workers, a centerpiece of President Barack Obama's effort to provide near-universal coverage to Americans..."

Let's see, that idea ought to bankrupt the remaining nine small businesses that have survived the Wal-Mart onslaught.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Soccer Loss

Cam the NYT write anything that is not nasty? Sports of The Times - Soccer in the U.S. Is Still Waiting for Its Moment - NYTimes.com

Fat Lady Not Singing In Iran

Thousands demonstrate silently in Tehran - CNN.com: "Watched closely by police, several thousand protesters moved slowly down a major Tehran thoroughfare Sunday in the first demonstration over the country's disputed presidential election that authorities have allowed in days.

About 5,000 people shuffled in silence down Tehran's Shariati Street to the Ghoba mosque, where two of the opposition candidates in the June 12 election were to appear to honor a slain hero of the 1979 Islamic revolution. Authorities rode motorcycles alongside the marchers, who tried to walk slowly. Police beat their batons on their shields to keep them moving, but some demonstrators told officers that they had the legal right to protest in peace..."

Friday, June 26, 2009

Enough Again

So Michael Jackson is dead. Iran is in turmoil. North Korea is rattling warheads. The flu continues. Health care is collapsing and the economy is in shambles. Just a reminder. The man happiest about it all? Probably Mark Sanford.

Madoff's Just Desserts

U.S. prosecutors ask judge to imprison Madoff for life | Reuters ...sounds like a plan to me.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

John Kerry, Class Act

sanford saga - i’m more interested in who brought him down…. : NO QUARTER:

"...Oh, and John Kerry said this:

“Too bad if a governor had to go missing it couldn’t have been the governor of Alaska. You know, Sarah Palin...’’"

I was one Kerry's most ardent supporters when he ran for President. I remain disappointed.

Wondering About Al

Thursday: The Quiet Coup of 2008 « The Confluence

"...She also wonders what ever happened to Franken in Minnesota. The unresolved senate case was presented before the Minnesota Supreme Court in the first week of June and we’ve been waiting ever since. Franken is the Democrat’s 60th vote. He is the filibuster proofer. OoooooOOOOOooooo! Ben Nelson and Blanche Lincoln might have to act like Democrats since there would be no reason for them to give away the store anymore. Well, we’ll have none of that. It appears that nothing is happening in Minnesota. One *almost* suspects that there’s a deal to get most of the tricky legislation off of the table before the Senate recesses and THEN the Minnesota Supreme Court will say Franken won. The delay is somewhat inexplicable. From what I read previously, there was virtually no way that Coleman could emerge victorious. The ruling imeediately previous to this one pretty much told him to give it up already. So, what gives?..."

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another Generation Learns The Truth About Apple

There are some of us who loathe Apple, for various reasons. I learned decades ago that they are just like most corporations-- they will knowingly lie straight to your face if it means profit. So the world's coolest company lies? Gasp! Shock! Get me to the fainting couch where I can join the hordes of Osupporters who are just now discovering that they have reelected George Bush The Lesser.

Steve Jobs nearly died and lied about it | ZDNet Healthcare | ZDNet.com: "...Paul Argenti of Dartmouth’s business school says Apple deserves to face SEC action for lieing about Jobs’ condition, which is the outgrowth of his 2004 pancreatic cancer.

I hate to be one of those birds pecking at Prometheus, but I agree.

This would not be the first time for Jobs on the SEC’s operating table. He was questioned in a scandal over the backdating of stock options, with Jobs later telling Forbes “nobody loves me...”"

I remember Apples advertising slogan just before they introduced the Mac-- "Apple II Forever." Forever turned out to be just a few months and those of us who had spent small fortunes on Apple IIs were summarily dumped in the trash heap. That's when I bought my first PC and I haven't looked back (well, except for that ipod.)

Double-O Goober Adventures

Missing U.S. governor was on private Argentina trip | U.S. | Reuters: "ATLANTA (Reuters) - South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford returned to the United States on Wednesday from a secret private trip to Argentina, ending days of speculation over his whereabouts and raising questions about his judgment..."

He carries a passport around? Hmmm. And how as that Argentine smoke?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

He's No Paul Harvey

...even if he is sitting in Paul's seat. Bring back Gil Gross and let Huckleberry politick all he wants then.

The Associated Press: Huckabee endorses Rubio for Fla. Senate seat: "TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is endorsing Marco Rubio for Florida's U.S. Senate seat.

Rubio is considered an underdog for the 2010 nomination for the seat Republican Sen. Mel Martinez is vacating. Rubio's challenging Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, who has a substantial lead in early polls..."

Monday, June 22, 2009

Old Thinking Still Entrenched

The Froomkin firing - Paul Krugman Blog - NYTimes.com

"...Now, you might think that the way things turned out — the total failure of movement conservatism in government, and the abrupt, humiliating end to the Permanent Republican Majority — would lead to some soul-searching. But that’s not how human nature works. Instead, it became more urgent than ever to assert that those who didn’t get with the program were flakes and moonbats, not worthy of being listened to, while those who believed in the right to the bitter end were “serious”. Thus we still live in an era in which you have to have been wrong to be respectable. You’re not considered serious about national security unless you were for invading Iraq; you’re not considered a serious political analyst unless you spent the last 3 years of the Bush administration predicting a Republican comeback; you’re not considered a serious economic analyst unless you dismissed the idea that the Bush Boom, such as it was, rested on a housing bubble..."

And thus the Dark Side continues to make its own bleak reality.

Voting Rights Survives

Supreme Court narrows, but preserves, Voting Rights Act - Los Angeles Times: "Reporting from Washington -- The Supreme Court narrowed, but did not overturn, the historic Voting Rights Act today, ruling that municipalities across the South that have had a clean record for the last decade can seek an exemption from the law..."

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Boomer Agonistes

If you're one of us, then contemplate the end of the first Rambo movie, and read this post: Charlotte Front and Center: Baby Boomers Need Not Apologize for ANYTHING. If you're not one of us, then maybe you ought to read it anyway, again contemplating Rambo.

More Secret Societies

Cannon and Marcy Wheeler have unearthed (good word choice for this story) a shadowy group that sounds like a bunch of early years right-wing Freemasons. Veerrry interesting: Cannonfire--"Living Ensign"

About The Victim Of RIAA Greed

Damages of $1.9 million could backfire on music industry | Entertainment | Music | Reuters: "...No one expects that the labels will collect the entire amount from Jammie Thomas-Rasset, a 32-year-old Brainerd, Minn., mother of four who testified during the retrial that her ex-boyfriend or sons, then 8 and 10, were most likely responsible for downloading and distributing the songs. Thomas-Rasset lost her previous trial in 2007 and was ordered to pay $222,000, only to achieve a now-pyrrhic victory when the court tossed the verdict because of a faulty jury instruction..."

Friday, June 19, 2009

Overboard Anti-Pirates

Has the RIAA's Fight Against File Sharing Gone Too Far? - PC World

Has it gone too far? In a word, "yes." I've never pirated anything but the companies themselves tempt me through anticonusmer policies and behaviors. I have nearly $300 worth of computer games that purported to work fine on my computer but either won't install or won't run. (And I am not a computer idiot; I've worked with them since 1968.) So I am very tempted to pirate games to find if they will work before I but. I am also highly annoyed all the restrictions placed on music that I have bought-- sometimes multiple times. So yes, this example crap, otherwise known as "sending people messages," has not worked in the past and will not work in the future. If it did, we have no crime and no drug problems because we have been getting tough on all that for decades and it has not worked.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bleeping Bipartisanship

Well, I've been yakking about this months; the last time was here, but I am glad some other folks are comin' 'round. RealClearPolitics - The Bipartisanship of Fools

Announcing The Obama Backbone Award

The first winner of the Barack Obama Backbone award is --drumroll-- gasp-- Barack Obama. The award is pictured above. Obama Faces Pressure to Strike Firmer Tone on Iran - NYTimes.com,

Failure Of Imagination

Right now I can't imagine how the Hillary Haters are going to spin this, but I am sure there will be some highly, creative negative posts accusing SOS Clinton of some sort of ulterior motive. (Remember the psycho killer in Dirty Harry and the beating he paid for?) Clinton breaks her elbow, to undergo surgery | Reuters

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Billy Pilgrim shares a link that summarizes a recent Krauthammer speech. The summary contains some very interesting observation concerning Little O-- it is a no koolaid zone so don't expect any Oworship. A comparison is made to Reagan and that brings out some worship in the comment thread, but don't worry-- you are as likely to find me praising Reagan or Obama as you are to find Bigfoot in your basement.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Better Plan From The GOP?

GOP lawmakers offer 'practical' health care reform plan - CNN.com

Better protection for doctors and insurance companies, for sure.

Enough Already: Letterman Edition

'Fire Dave!': Crowd lines up to protest Letterman's 'Late Show' Palin joke: "An apology from David Letterman was good enough for Sarah Palin - but not for protesters who demanded the late night host's dismissal Tuesday at a Broadway demonstration..."

I was one of the first ones in line calling for the flogging of Letterman, but firing him is a bit too much, and would fall into the "two wrongs" category. Imus was fired and that was wrong. Firing Letterman may give some momentary satisfaction to some very put-upon people but that would not change the atmosphere of sexism pervading the media elite. Furthermore, a good many of the people calling for Letterman's firing purport to be Christians, so how about a little forgiveness?

Letterman was wrong. He finally made a sincere (I think) apology. Let's move on.

Monday, June 15, 2009

NYT Gets It Wrong Again

Charlotte Front and Center--- Fox News ,Conservatives: Responsible for Obama Haters? [via the NYT]

"Hate" is such an ugly word and it is tossed about as casually as "love." I do not really hate anyone, including Obama, but "hate" is an easy substitute for "I disagree with everything he thinks, says, does, and I will never support him, nor anyone who supports him, and I will never forget and and I probably will never forgive his transgressions." Like I said, one word is easier, and I think that's where the politically correct get all confused, since apparently they only really understand hate, be it for the rural poor or cigarette smokers.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wishing For Death 'n Destruction?

CIA chief believes Cheney almost wants U.S. attacked | U.S. | Reuters: "WASHINGTON (Reuters) - CIA director Leon Panetta says it's almost as if former vice president Dick Cheney would like to see another attack on the United States to prove he is right in criticizing President Barack Obama for abandoning the 'harsh interrogation' of terrorism suspects..."

Well, he is Darth Chene. (I wonder has become of the actual Prince of Darkness, Bob Novak?)

O'Faux Equivalence

Krauthammer Once Again Confronts Obama on Reframing History : NO QUARTER: Krauthammer says "...That’s the problem with Obama’s transcultural evenhandedness. It gives the veneer of professorial sophistication to the most simple-minded observation: Of course there are rights and wrongs in all human affairs. Our species is a fallen one. But that doesn’t mean that these rights and wrongs are of equal weight..."

Coke Study Suppressed

Bad science: cocaine study that got up the nose of the US | Ben Goldacre | Comment is free | The Guardian

GOP Supreme Hypocrisy

McConnell: Sotomayor filibuster is possible - POLITICO Live - POLITICO.com: "Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) warned on Sunday hat a GOP filibuster of Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor is possible but added that it was 'way too early to tell' if Republicans will go that route.

McConnell and other Republicans have objected to the Democrats' plan to confirm Sotomayor before the August congressional recess, claiming that they need far more time to review her record. The White House and Democratic leaders counter that they are giving the minority the same amount of time as previous high court nominees..."

Little Ice Age Calling?

Scientists Say 'Super Volcano' May Be Brewing Beneath Mount St. Helens - Science News | Science & Technology | Technology News - FOXNews.com: "A team of scientists say they have evidence that a 'super volcano' may be brewing underneath Mount St. Helens, NewScientist.com reports..."

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Influence For Sale

Health firms paid Nancy-Ann DeParle $5.8 million - Kenneth P. Vogel - POLITICO.com: "The official overseeing White House health care reform efforts earned more than $5.8 million in the past three years from her work for major medical companies, according to a personal financial disclosure and other public records.."

Comment Of The Day: P. v. L. Edition

This comment comes from an excellent post on the Palin/Letterman controversy.

margaret carlson writes dumbest article, ever : NO QUARTER: "Comment by Peggy Sue | 2009-06-13 12:09:31

I simply do not understand women like Margaret Carlson, who will fly into a rage over any racial and/or ethnic slur but turn a blind eye, or even worse, make excuses for slurs against women.

They can sing this from the highest rooftop but it doesn’t make it true. Palin is “not” the villian in this fracus. Palin defended her daughter and as an extension defended all our daughters. Todd Palin’s comments are those of a protective father. In most circles, that’s considered honorable.

The Left has lost its moral compass, completely. As I wrote yesterday, there is no such thing as selective sexism. I may disagree with Sarah Palin politically but she is morally right on this issue.

Any man who is willing to make a vile joke about a young girl isn’t worth listening to. Nor are his defenders. The kool-aide has poisoned and disfigured the core of these people.

Shame on them!

Thanks for the update, AGI."

On Mouth Problems

One of many columns and posts on the subject: Letterman, Wright done in by own words :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Mary Mitchell.

Irony And Theft

U.S. Firm Says China Stole Software for Web-Filter - WSJ.com: "A California company alleged that an Internet-filtering program being pushed by the Chinese government contains stolen portions of the company's software.

The company, Solid Oak Software Inc., said it will try to stop PC makers from shipping computers with the software..."

Friday, June 12, 2009

Snakes On A Plain

...or field, battlefield. Grrr.

Israeli military developing battlefield robot snake | Israel | Jerusalem Post: "A robot snake, capable of recording video and sound on the battlefield, is on the way to join the the IDF's hi-tech arsenal..."

Micro Nukes

Will Babcock & Wilcox's tiny reactor make nuclear power practical? | DVICE: "In the long march toward a green power grid, a lot of eyes are turning toward nuclear power. While the problem of what to do with the waste remains unresolved (waste is typically stored on-site), a new, more compact reactor design might make the issues of cost and construction time less of a concern. Babcock & Wilcox's small-scale reactor is one-tenth the size of a normal one, and it's able to generate 125 MW of power.

B&W says the power will cost less than $5,000 per megawatt. With an average home consuming about 1 kW, the reactor could lead to some seriously cheap power — possibly even cheaper than this mini reactor from Hyperion..."

One-tenth the size. Munch on that a while.

Backwards Taxing

The Associated Press: Tax on health benefits likely to be in Senate bill: "WASHINGTON (AP) — Legislation to be outlined next week in the Senate Finance Committee will likely include a new tax on workers with the costliest employer-provided health coverage, officials said Friday, but with implementation delayed until 2013 to minimize any political fallout.

Officials familiar with internal deliberations said the leading option under consideration by Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., the committee chairman, would mean higher taxes for workers whose family coverage costs $15,000 a year or more in premiums paid by employer and employee combined..."

If the goal is to force everyone to have health insurance, wouldn't it make more sense to tax the employees and employers who have no insurance rather than taxing those that do? Taxing the insured seems like an incentive to drop your insurance, not keep it.

So if I"m going to be taxed on benefits, shouldn't I be able to deduct the cost of copays and other medical expenses? If not, then why do this kabuki dance? Just increase the income tax to get the money and be done with it.

Malkin On Letterman

Few words escape from Michelle Malkin that I feel kindly toward. She has many words in this post that I like: RealClearPolitics - Dear David Letterman.

Kucinich Gets Feisty

The Logistics Monster has the post: The Plot Thickens; Kenneth Lewis and Congress.

Broder Intones On Healthcare

David S. Broder - Getting to Bipartisan Health-Care Reform - washingtonpost.com: "The goal of the Obama White House is to come up with a health-care plan that can attract bipartisan support. The president has told visitors that he would rather have 70 votes in the Senate for a bill that gives him 85 percent of what he wants rather than a 100 percent satisfactory bill that passes 52 to 48..."

Why? This is nuts. I'd rather have a bill that wins by one vote but give me 100% of what I want. The GOP surely never worried about bipartisan anything ("we make our own reality"), so why should the Democrats give a tinker's damn about GOP support? Oh, I forgot, Obama is actually Skippy Bush Re-engineered.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Comment Of The Day

The Zombie Tribe « The Confluence: "riverdaughter, on June 11th, 2009 at 7:07 pm Said:

Sarah is no dummy. You don’t get to be governor of a state unless you a.) have a political pedigree or b.) know what you’re doing.

She doesn’t have the former, therefore, she must be smarter than they make her sound. That’s a threat to the political aristocracy.

Sarah’s problem isn’t that she’s pretty. Sarah’s problem is that she’s a commoner. This is class warfare by the Villagers against upstarts who aim above their station.

I might not like Sarah’s politics but I will support her right to be taken seriously as a contender. She’s earning it."

Raise The Threat Level!

Two murders by terrorists in a week. Shouldn't the threat level be raised? Shouldn't it be at screaming mimi orange by now?

Supreme Gay Decision Blow-Back

Soldiers And WORMS : NO QUARTER: "...The soldier whose case was thrown out by the SCOTUS, had something to say about it, alright, and it was not a whole bunch of WORMing, as thackis article makes clear,

Dismay Over Obama’s ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Turnabout
. Check this out:

When Barack Obama sought the presidency, he pledged to reverse the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy preventing gays and lesbians from serving openly in the U.S. military. Yet on Monday, the Supreme Court rejected a gay Ohio soldier’s challenge to the law — with the legal backing of none other than the Obama Administration.

James Pietrangelo II, the former Army infantryman and lawyer whose case the high court declined to review, reserved most of his ire for President Obama instead of the court. “He’s a coward, a bigot and a pathological liar,” Pietrangelo said in an interview with TIME shortly after the high court declined to hear his appeal. “This is a guy who spent more time picking out his dog, Bo, and playing with him on the White House lawn than he has working for equality for gay people,” he added. “If there were millions of black people as second-class citizens, or millions of Jews or Irish, he would have acted immediately” ...

A Glimmer Of Hope In Iran

Has President Ahmadinejad finally met his match in Mrs Mousavi? - Middle East, World - The Independent: "She has become one of the most high-profile figures in one of the most exciting Iranian election campaigns – and she is not even running for office. It would be easy to downplay the importance of Zahra Rahnavard as a creation of the Western media seeking an exotic angle. Married to opposition candidate Mirhossein Mousavi, she has even been dubbed Iran's Michelle Obama..."

A CBS Imus Moment?

Well, not so much. Apparently it's okay to make jokes about young white girls getting impregnated (raped by definition), but implying that black female basketball players are sexually active calls for immediate firing. The MSM reaction is typical, with this post representative of the lot: Letterman Versus Palin: Ziiiinnnnggggg!!! Zaaapp!! (The TV Zone) - Newsday.com.

Yes, it is oh so funny to crack wise about sexually exploiting a woman.

Finally, if Obama had gone to a baseball game instead of a play, would Letterman have said the same thing about one of his daughters?

Seems,Uh, Wrong

Democrats ask court to block NY Senate coup -- Newsday.com: "ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) _ The New York Senate's Democratic conference says it's headed to court to try to challenge the coalition that claims it seized control of the chamber in a parliamentary power grab on Monday..."

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

re hi

Obviously, somehow a junk email ended up posted here. I have no idea how that happened. I didn't do it.

Brits Get Into The Swing Of Things

London Police Accused of Waterboarding Suspects - Europe | Map | News - FOXNews.com

McConnell Right On This

Transcript: Sen. Mitch McConnell on Health-Care Reform - washingtonpost.com: "Americans are increasingly frustrated with the U.S. health care system as we know it -- and they expect real reform, not just the promise of a reform that never comes, or the illusion of a reform that ends up destroying what's good about the current system and replacing it with something worse..."

Get the insurance companies out of it and we might have meaningful reform.

Why This Ain't Wright

Rev. Wright: 'Them Jews' keep me from Obama :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: 44: Barack Obama: "The Rev. Jeremiah Wright says 'them Jews' are keeping him from speaking to President Obama, according to the Daily Press newspaper of Virginia..."

Surely he has returned to embarrass Obambi again? Nah. Can't be our Rev.Wright-- surely, he's not illiterate. He wouldn't say "them Jews." Would he?

Dump That Stock!

Geithner says shareholders need say in executive pay | U.S. | Reuters: "WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said on Wednesday the Obama administration wants Congress to pass new laws giving securities regulators power to force companies to let shareholders have more say in setting executive pay levels..."

The GOP response to positions like this has always been "They can sell their stock if they don't like what the company is doing." This is the same canard tossed at labor unions when they want a raise or say in management--"Buy stock then you can share in the profits." But have stockholders been getting a fair deal lately? When a company is doing well and they make a 30% return is the CEO entitled to 1000% raise? When the stock declines to 1% of its maximum value and the company is bankrupt is CEO sufficiently punished by a measly 50% bonus? And how does dumping your now worthless stock recover your lost assets? But is the government meddling in this via czars the right method is address an obvious problem? Either WWII tax rules need to be implemented or we need simple legislation saying that a CEO cannot be paid more than, say, 200 times the rate of the lowest paid employee.

Does Obama Have Legs?

Can Virginia Be Obamacized Again? - washingtonpost.com

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Canadian Health Care

Via the Confluence: Debunking Canadian Health Care Myths | CommonDreams.org

From The No Kidding Department

Two Thorny Details Bedevil Health Bill - WSJ.com: "WASHINGTON -- Two pressure points are emerging in Congress's rush to pass health-care legislation by the August break: how to pay for the package and whether to create a new public health-insurance plan..."

Monday, June 08, 2009

Supreme Ankle

Let me be the first to say it: Sotomayor broke her ankle deliberately in order to gain sympathy votes from the bleeding heart liberal crowd in Congress. Nonsense, of course, but that will probably play out as credible somewhere in Right Blogostan.

More Hillary Apology Junk

Obama Supporter Sorry for “Underestimating” Hillary - Never mind the Sexism : NO QUARTER: "...This article is the same half apology one sees frequently about any topic. You know, “I’m sorry I called you a bitch, but you made me do it. I know I shouldn’t have done that, but. . . ” Not really an apology at all, the writer both congratulates herself for supporting Obama against a “hardball” female candidate and for recognizing those very traits she deplored in Hillary are now proving quite useful.

I expect we’ll see more of this. As Clinton continues her SoS work, it is likely that many pundits who excoriated her earlier will now say something along the lines of “I was right to hate on her earlier, but look how she’s grown into SoS! Way to go girl!!” Or how about “you know, I always knew Hillary wasn’t ready for the presidency, [too tough, too female, too something] but isn’t the lady crackerjack in a lesser job!...”"

To the Obots, if you work for the Oborg, then you must be wonderful, so that the fact that SoS Clinton was highly competent before joining the Collective means nothing. But, sorry Obots, no amount of half-sincere apologies are going to get you off the hook for the awful sexism of you and your candidate.

Black Box Dilemma

Air France Flight 447: Search for the Black Boxes - washxingtonpost.com.

Why don't those things have an ejection system, or, at the very least, float?

Kung Fu Kink

Ok, grasshopper, I'll quit following this story, even if it is more interesting than the boring politics of today (and yesterday and the day before and the day before that and...) : Carradine's Ex -- He Spent Days Planning Bondage | TMZ.com

Gains By The Middle

Center-Right Parties Gain in Europe - NYTimes.com: "BRUSSELS — Center-right parties emerged Monday from European Parliament elections claiming triumph over left-of-center groupings that failed to draw political advantage from their adversaries’ handling of the global economic crisis..."

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Lest We Forget: Hillary Hate Edition

Cannon has a long post up concerning the Obotic Hillary-Hate troops still swarming the Intertoobs.
Cannonfire "--Boo, man: The bots STILL consider HIllary enemy #1."

No Supreme Bias

Supreme Court Nominee Sotomayor's Votes Cross Ideological Lines - washingtonpost.com

Good News In Middle East

SCENARIOS - After election, what next for Lebanon? | Reuters: "BEIRUT (Reuters) - A U.S.-backed alliance of Lebanese factions successfully defended its parliamentary majority in an election on Sunday, defeating an alliance including the Iranian- and Syrian-backed Hezbollah..."

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Mandatory Profits For Insurance Companies?

U.S. healthcare revamp to require medical coverage | Reuters: "WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. lawmakers plan far-reaching insurance market reforms, and would require that businesses and individuals purchase medical coverage as they seek to overhaul the U.S. healthcare system, an early draft of Senate legislation said on Saturday..."

Kung Fu Plot Thickens

Carradine mystery deepens, family seeks FBI help | Entertainment | Reuters: "BANGKOK/LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The family of David Carradine has asked U.S. authorities to help unravel the mystery of his death, amid conflicting reports about how his body was found hanging naked in a Bangkok hotel..."

Friday, June 05, 2009

Not The South

Racial hatred runs African American family out of dream home - Los Angeles Times: "...Davy never thought about the fact that they would be the only black family on the mostly Latino block -- until someone reminded her in a way that still makes her eyes tear and her stomach twist.

On May 8, Davy opened the door to her home and was greeted by a barrage of spray-painted racial epithets. The hardwood floors, the mirrors, the televisions, the dressers -- the vandals had turned the entire place into a canvas for that six-letter word used for decades to scare and scar African Americans..."

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Comment Of The Day: Lest We Forget Edition

Cannonfire--'Let's Play the Blame Game:

"There is nothing nastier than what happened in Michigan and a lot of Clinton supporters to this day still don't know how bad it was. The bill that passed out of the legislature was written by Republicans, and moved out of the Senate without any Democratic votes. In the house, as many Dems voted for it, and as didn't vote for it. It went to court, got bounced back for cleaning up AND NOT A SINGLE DEMOCRAT VOTED FOR THE FINAL BILL THAT ACTUALLY MOVED THE PRIMARY DATE UP. NOT ONE. Clinton was docked votes for the actions of Jennifer Granholm and Jennifer Granholm only.

Idiot prophylactic - yes, I know Dems voted for the original version. I acknowledge that in my post. Yes, I know Granholm was allegedly a clinton supporter.

Here's Wayne Barrett of the Village Voice on the subject:
posted by Blogger lori : 5:34 PM"

Robbing Peter's Healthcare

In the Nation | Philadelphia Inquirer | 06/04/2009: "WASHINGTON - President Obama said yesterday that he wanted at least $200 billion cut from Medicare and Medicaid spending over the next decade to help pay for overhauling the nation's health-care system and providing coverage to 50 million uninsured Americans..."

Kung Fu Passing

The Associated Press: Actor David Carradine found dead in Bangkok: "BANGKOK (AP) — Actor David Carradine, star of the 1970s TV series 'Kung Fu' who also had a wide-ranging career in the movies, has been found dead in the Thai capital, Bangkok. A news report said he was found hanged in his hotel room and was believed to have committed suicide..."

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Not Good MD Fact

Walls : NO QUARTER: "...Here is a shocking fact.

Of the 15,000 students who will graduate from medical school this year — and the roughly 8,000 physicians and surgeons who will finish their specialty training — more than 93 percent will become employees of large clinics, managed-care companies or hospital systems..."

Obotic Ctrl-Alt-Del

An Obama voter asks what went wrong -- Page 1 -- Times Union - Albany NY:2535:

"You are breaking my heart..."


Mind Reading

A hefty dose of mind reading here-- I am in almost total agreement with the list...

The Low Road 2008 « The Confluence: "In terms of political beliefs and ideals last year was the most trumatic of my life. It pales in comparison to 2000 when the will of the people was thwarted and George W. Bush was selected over Al Gore by a 5-4 vote of the Supreme Court. 2008 was divisive, vile and nasty and was a nightmare that seemed like it would never end. Here are what I think rewere the ten worst events of the ugliest presidential primary campaign in modern history:..."

Winning The War

A Memo to the President: "The recent fire/counterfire between President Obama and former Vice President Dick Cheney over Guantanamo, the prisoners held there and techniques used in their interrogation revealed a distressing ignorance in the White House. Specifically, it revealed that Obama and his advisors are ignorant of military theory.

Cheney won the debate by drawing the usual Republican distinction, that between doing what is necessary for national security and being nice. If Republicans are allowed to frame the issue that way, they will always win. But in fact, theirs is a false position. We do not have to choose between doing what works in the 'war on terrorism' and doing what is morally right. The two are the same.

The military theory that allows us to see this is the work of Colonel John Boyd, USAF. Boyd argued that war is fought on three levels: the moral, the mental and the physical. Of the three, the moral level is the most powerful, the physical level is the least powerful and the mental level lies between the other two..."

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Why? Why>

Obama makes nice with Nancy Reagan - 2008 Presidential Campaign Blog - Political Intelligence - Boston.com: "President Obama kissed and made up with Nancy Reagan today at a White House event to create a commission to celebrate the centennial of her husband Ronald's birth.

The 11-person panel will plan and carry out activities to mark the 100th anniversary, in 2011, of the late president's birth -- a commemoration that could include a postage stamp, a $1 coin, or a joint session of Congress..."

Talk about a waste of money.

China Censoring

To Shut Off Tiananmen Talk, China Blocks Sites - NYTimes.com: "BEIJING — China’s government censors have begun to block access to the Internet services Twitter, Hotmail and Microsoft’s live.com, broadening an already extraordinary effort to shield its citizens from any hint of Thursday’s 20th anniversary of the military crackdown that ended the 1989 Tiananmen Square pro-democracy movement..."

Monday, June 01, 2009

On O'Worship

Robert J. Samuelson - The Media's Infatuation With President Obama - washingtonpost.com: "The Obama infatuation is a great unreported story of our time. Has any recent president basked in so much favorable media coverage? Well, maybe John Kennedy for a moment, but no president since. On the whole, this is not healthy for America..."

More On Health Care Debate

Universal health care is a necessity : The Rebel Yell:

"...The current flawed concept of insurance has become convoluted and complex. In fact, those with insurance are charged differently than those without insurance and cash-pay patients, hinting at the fact that the mere existence of health insurance bumps up health care prices.

Should it be allowed under law to treat those who have health insurance differently than those who don’t? Do people with preexisting conditions not deserve to have a chance at quality health care?

If anything, I would hope that preserving life would be of utmost importance to our government and therefore, it would be exempt from the games of money and power. Government-sponsored universal health care should not be a matter of debate; any unbiased person should agree that any legitimate government has an obligation to preserve and protect the lives of its citizens."

Murder Disapproved

Pro-Life Leaders Denounce Murder of Abortion Doctor George Tiller - Political News - FOXNews.com: "Leaders of the anti-abortion movement gathered in front of the Supreme Court Monday morning to denounce the murder of abortion doctor George Tiller, who was gunned down Sunday while attending church in Wichita..."

Why do I feel a certain lack of sincerity in all these denunciations?