Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Give 'Em Hell, Harry!

Crooks and Liars: "Harry Reid shuts down the SenateYou can see Harry Reid ask to shut down the Senate. Bill Frist becomes unglued. "

Is it the good old days? Has Harry Truman stepped up to the plate? Is the kitchen heating up? About time.

President Truman speaking in Bolivar, Missouri.

From a speech given by Truman in the 1948 campaign in Butte:

"...where he didn't have to give reassurances to a civic elite, and where there would be no praising of Wall Street and the bankers. With Butte yelling 'give em hell,' Truman could say he was only telling the truth and the Republicans thought it was hell.

So in Butte he called the Republican Congress, with it's (sic) hatred of working class America, the 'worst congress in history.'

And he talked about housing, about how so many people lacked a decent place to live and that something should be done about it. And Harry Truman said 'we need a housing bill in the interest of the whole country and not just the real estate lobby.' The crowd roared.

And he talked about price controls, about real regulation and the public good as opposed to deregulation and the corrupt congress. In Truman's view prices controls had been released too quickly and ' we now had prices so arranged that the people who have a lot of money can get anything they want and those who are denouncing government controls (regulation) are the people who control the things we buy and the everyday man an woman can go hang.'

And in Butte he made a prediction, that sad to say, has mostly come true. The president brought up the subject of what he called the 'notorious Taft-Hartley Act and how the Republican Congress had almost abolished the Labor Department.' He warned the crowd that 'there is going to come a time when there are no labor unions unless we do something about it.'"


Jessica said...

Corruption levels are scary.

Bob said...

Gee, I'm thrilled! Someone actually found this blog. Thanks.