Saturday, November 28, 2009

Who's Underqualified?

Of all the knocks on Sarah Palin, her qualifications are the most absurd. Name all the jobs Obama held-- ok, community organizer. And? And? And? Compared to Obama, Palin is a tower of qualifications. It seems that most of the people complaining the loudest, other than kool-aid drinkers, are writers of some sort, a class of people not known for having responsible positions of power and trust on their resumes. So glass houses... (My bold in the snippet.)

We can't stop looking at Sarah Palin | Katha Pollitt | Comment is free | "...As just about every columnist in the world has noted by now, including me more than once, Palin is a bundle of contradictions: a Christian reactionary who has kind words for Title IX and thinks it's fine to have a top government job, five kids and a lower-earning husband; a seriously underqualified politician chosen by the desperate John McCain at least partly because of her gender and looks who exploits those assets every chance she gets – but if called on it, accuses her critics of sexism..."

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