Wednesday, March 07, 2012

More Contraceptive Nuttery

Virginia woman: The GOP’s War on Women makes me feel ‘unwelcome in my hometown’ | The Raw Story

...“I’ve felt a little unwelcome in my hometown,” she added. “To think that people would take that control away to protect myself or minimize my fears [about cancer], it’s so intense.”

For instance, she said, “A friend of my sister’s posted a Fox news article on Facebook about birth control coverage being a First Amendment issue,” and she tried to stop herself from picking a fight. But then she realized, “‘I’m going to go there. I’m going to go there on Facebook.’” She added, “I said, contraception aside, I take birth control for serious health issues. And he just came back and said, ‘Yeah, but that’s a violation of my rights.’ My continued health, he said, was a violation of his rights...”


Alessandro Machi said...
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Alessandro Machi said...

If conscientiously objecting to war still requires paying taxes that fund wars, then the same set of taxation rules should apply to those who don't believe in contraception.

Bob said...

Amen, brother.