Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How Blind Is Your Trust?

Mitt Romney defends his finances - Political Hotsheet - CBS News

Mitt Romney took to the defensive Monday after a series of Democratic attacks on his finances, stating he has no knowledge of the specifics of his holdings because they're in a blind trust ...


Alessandro Machi said...

So that's where my wealth is, it's in a lock box but I've lost the key and don't have a spare.

The google "please prove you're not a robot" test that is required to get a comment posted... I think google is testing the commenter as well, profiling what they can see, and what they cannot see, and then using that data in some nefarious way.

Just sayin.

Bob said...

Other than tax cheating-- why does anyone need an overseas account?

btw-- I was getting the "robot" query whenever I posted to Daily Puma except I didn't when I commented today. I certainly didn't turn anything like that on here, so your assumption seems valid.