Monday, July 09, 2012

No Dancing In NYC

If this had happened in Mobile, the media would be all over it-- flogging those backward rednecks. Couple arrested for appalling crime of dancing in public. I wonder if that is related somehow to this: Harlem Couple Branded 'Professional Agitators' in NYPD 'Wanted' Poster - New York


freespirit said...

You got that right - in Mobile, or anywhere else in the South. Seems that in the minds of the progs, NPR, and the MSM Obamanuts, it's OK to insult, criticize, and stereotype Southerners. Of course, it's a slap in the face of political correctness to refer to any other ethnic group in what they (the progs and msm) perceive to be a negative way - even if negativity was not intended.


Bob said...

Amen, brother. Are you familiar with abominable comic strip Snuffy Smith? It's a perfect example of a triple standard.

freespirit said...

I know Snuffy well, and agree.

Do you remember when the NPR folks got their skirts blown up over Juan Williams' admission that he got a little nervous when he observed people of Middle Eastern descent in the air port when he was about to board a plane (paraphrasing - not exact comment, but close)? NPR went nuts. I remember making the argument at that time that if Juan had said publicly that he was planning a trip to Florida, and dreaded having to drive through racist Mississippi and Alabama to get there.

Do you think NPR would have objected. Hell no. Not NPR or any other major news outlet. They would have probably taken the opportunity to show footage of race riots from forty years ago.

Obviously, the South was guilty of extreme racism. Forty years ago, other regions of the country were, as well, but little is said about them. Regardless, much progress has been made in terms of race relations in The South - but, you will not hear anything positive about that from the national media.

Bob said...

Oh yeah Williams could've easily said that with no blowback. I remember seeing someone years ago on the Carson saying he always a made a point of going to the bathroom when he flew over Mississippi just so he could piss all over the state.

When I was in the service in the late 60's, it shocked how many non-Southerners were still fighting the Civil War. In fact, I was punished by a superior for the sole crime of being from the South. I know that because that's what he told me.

I feel a venting post coming on-- especially when the media starts stereotyping and Hollywood doubles-down on it.