Thursday, July 05, 2012

A Woman For Mitt

Ann Romney says VP could be a woman, blasts Obama’s ‘destroy Mitt’ strategy | The Ticket - Yahoo! News

Mitt Romney has declined to say much about his vice presidential search, but the Republican nominee's wife offered a new clue about what he might be thinking.

Ann Romney says her husband is considering a woman for the ticket—and admitted she's been playing a big role in the VP search, too, according to an interview with CBS News,..

How about a sane, sensible person of any gender? Please, no Bachmanns.


bran deditems said...

Based on what I learned from this article, I predict that Mitt will choose either a man or a woman for vice president. Who cares what gender or race the vice president is? How about somebody competent?

Bob said...

I agree.

billy pilgrim said...

i think mitt should go for alec baldwin. obama continually fawns over celebrities so mitt needs his own pet celebrity.

personally, i'd want bill nye to be my vice president.