Sunday, September 09, 2012

Religion At The DNC

Democrats’ altar call in Charlotte - Guest Voices - The Washington Post

After more than 30 years of teaching religion, I have concluded that all religion, not just my own Christian faith, is about finding answers to two questions: Am I alone and what can I trust?

By that measure the Democratic National Convention, just completed in Charlotte, was the most religious in my memory.

The Democrats asked us to consider whether we are all just on our own, alone in both our successes and failures, or are we together? They also hit the theme of whether voters can trust the “fact-challenged” Republicans; some speakers made that point more forcefully than others...


billy pilgrim said...

watching the republicans react to speeches on religion and faith looked like a cult to me.

lucky for the republicans that clint eastwood will be the lasting memory not the lunatics at the convention. mitt seemed to be the only reasonable person in attendance.

Bob said...

I agree. The Mormon was the one who didn't appear to be in a cult.