Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Comment Of The Day: Rich Whiner Edition

Rich Golfer Phil Mickelson Is Going To Take "Drastic" Action To Escape His Imaginary Tax Burden
larryherkimer 28 minutes ago

Let's see, some professional athletes like Roger Staubach, Bob Feller, Ted Williams, Pat Tillman (among many others) have risked their lives for this country. Meanwhile Mickelson is ready to bug out because the loyalty to his country has a price tag.

What was the late Everett Dirkson (R) said? Something like I wouldn't mind pay a million if I had million left over.


billy pilgrim said...

lefty he can't sing the blues all night long like he used to.....

Bob Harrison said...

I can't figure where he got the bread to split to O-High-o.