Friday, September 20, 2013

Bigfooting Bigfoot (And Rodents)

Looking for Bigfoot? Follow this map�—�others have seen 'em there - NBC
...All alleged samples of Bigfoot hair, for example, have turned out to be from elk, bears or cows. Photos, audio and film footage have been determined to be inconclusive or hoaxes, and no bodily remains have ever been found — despite the fact that there would have to be hundreds or thousands of the creatures in existence in order to maintain the "species."

But Bigfoot enthusiasts will no doubt continue their search undaunted — and now, thanks to Stevens' map, they know where to look.
There are several billion people on this planet. How many bodies have you found? So are there thousands of Bigfootses hiding out there? Seems impossible as long as you operate under the assumption that humans are the smartest kids on the block. What if we're not? Say our IQ compares to Bigfoot like humans to, say, squirrels. Could you successfully hid from a squirrel?

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