Monday, March 16, 2015

The Clinton Lock?

Why Hillary Clinton Will Be the Next President�|�Fernando Espuelas:

...In terms of the Latino vote, even though many Republicans are counting on him, Sen. Marco Rubio's (Fla.) craven flip-flopping is not likely to endear him to many Hispanics outside of Miami. Conversely, Clinton is hugely popular among Hispanics, as is her husband. She's been a steadfast supporter of immigrant rights and was Latino voters' favorite during the 2008 primaries. She will sweep the Hispanic vote.

Lastly, the first couple of months of Republican congressional hegemony has been an exercise in immigrant-baiting. Republicans seem to have a visceral need to attack undocumented immigrants. It's an article of faith among the majority of Republicans who voted in both chambers of Congress several times that Obama's immigration actions must be destroyed -- even if young people like the Dreamers are deported. In a recent Latino Decisions poll, 89 percent of American Latinos favored Obama's executive actions...

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