Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Comment Of The Day: HRC v. tRump Edition

Neocon Max Boot: Time To Put Interests Of The Country Before Party | Crooks and Liars

I think the GOP really don't realize what they have done here. They made a HUGE case before the election that Hillary Clinton should be "locked up" simply because she had a private server and there were emails on it that "could be" considered classified, and possibly subjected to a hacker if they chose to violate the law and intentionally hack into her email server to gather data. Nothing was proven to anyone that she broke any laws, and she was legally using a private server, under the advice of Colin Powell, her predecessor. The appearance of illegal activities, especially intentional deceit or recklessness was clearly not proven to be true, as much as the Benghazi investigators would like you to believe.

The entire GOP were pushing the notion that HRC was guilty of "something", so they were just trying to make sure that they had something valid to indict her for, so they tried to accuse her of recklessly handling emails that "could possibly" be available to a hacker and exploited for a security breach. That never happened, and it was concluded that she was innocent of the charges levied against her by the FBI.

Now we find out that the Trump campaign, were totally willing to get some damaging information from a foreign liaison to Russia when it appeared offered to them. Upon learning of this news, the GOP in it's entirety, are sticking up for the GOP, no matter what is revealed about them.

Just before the election, Jason Chafe-itch was so intent on having damaging emails show up that would put HRC in jeopardy, he tried to get the impression that some of HRC's emails were contained on his laptop. Wiener was the husband of HRC's personal confidant/assistant, who had been caught up in a sex scandal.

The point here, is that the GOP were so intent on trying to find something, anything, on HRC to prove that she was a security risk, that Paul Ryan publicly announced that HRC should have her security credentials suspended, just before the election to discredit her. The emails were not there,and this was just an imagined story aimed at smearing Hillary Clinton's reputation.

Now we have emails that are proving the deliberate intent of collusion with Russia by Donald Trump Jr, to smear HRC even more. Instead of admitting wrongdoing by the Trump campaign, which was admitted by DTJr, the GOP are, once again, covering for the party, and dismissing any wrongdoing in this instance. Every time something damaging comes up to prove that the GOP were intent on forming a political smear campaign illegally, using the Benghazi investigation as a "hub", the GOP are complicit in saying nothing about anything that looks like it would damage the credentials of the GOP. Every single thing that would look like it would harm HRC's reputation was exploited by the GOP, and to the contrary, anything that even gave the appearance of discrediting the GOP was dismissed, and excuses were made to cover up any appearance of impropriety of their political party. Some of these instances are close, if not proven, as being collusion, or at the worse case scenario treason.

The GOP are proving their lack of sincerity when it comes to protecting our country from against nefarious actors, as long as they have an "R" next to their name. This is not acceptable behavior, and the GOP are showing how weak the entire party is when it comes to being morally culpable, and seeing to the responsibility they are expected to provide in their role as elected government officials. They are totally shameless.

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