Sunday, December 23, 2007

Energy From Space

`Drilling Up' Into Space for Energy - World on The Huffington Post: "BALI, Indonesia — While great nations fretted over coal, oil and global warming, one of the smallest at the U.N. climate conference was looking toward the heavens for its energy.

The annual meeting's corridors can be a sounding board for unlikely 'solutions' to climate change _ from filling the skies with soot to block the sun, to cultivating oceans of seaweed to absorb the atmosphere's heat-trapping carbon dioxide.

Unlike other ideas, however, one this year had an influential backer, the Pentagon, which is investigating whether space-based solar power _ beaming energy down from satellites _ will provide 'affordable, clean, safe, reliable, sustainable and expandable energy for mankind.'

Tommy Remengesau Jr. is interested, too. 'We'd like to look at it,' said the president of the tiny western Pacific nation of Palau..."

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