Friday, January 25, 2008

Mitt The Winner

Talking Points Memo | Final Thoughts: "...Candidly, I was surprised that there wasn't more contentiousness in tonight's GOP debate in Florida. After all, probably at least two candidacies will end Tuesday night. So the stakes were extraordinarily high. Rudy could barely keep a straight face when claiming he was going to win on Tuesday. So let's be happy for him that he's moving past denial and anger to acceptance. He's done. Huckabee had some good lines. But I don't think it will change his sinking position in the polls. McCain was fine but not stellar. I think the night was Romney's. As many have said, the economy is his territory, far more than foreign policy. He had a strong, prepared presence. And the key is that he didn't have all his opponents knocking him over the head for his terrible addiction to flipflopping on every issue imaginable..."

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