Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Flashback Predictions

Cannonfire--"Tomorrow Rewrites Yesterday: "...In the year 2000, Tom Tomorrow -- addled by Clinton Derangement Syndrome and addicted to the lies then being told about Al Gore -- supported Ralph Nader for president. At the time, Tom did a disingenuous riff in which he argued that a mere cartoon strip could not possibly affect the outcome.

And what was that outcome? It all came down to Florida, where these were the numbers:

Number of people who voted for Ralph Nader in Florida in 2000: 97,421

Official difference between the Bush vote and the Gore vote in 2000: 537.

537 is roughly one-two hundredth of 97,421. I believe that at least 1/200th of the Florida Nader vote was swayable. If leading progressives such as Bill Maher, Michael Moore and Tom Tomorrow had not spread lies about Al Gore, Bush and Cheney would never have had the chance to destroy the United States.

Yes, I really do believe that Sparky could have made a difference. I think that Maher, Moore, Tom and all the other 'progressive' Gore/Clinton haters are personally responsible for everything that has happened over the past eight years. They are every bit as responsible as Bush and Cheney are.

(And perhaps we should consult the shade of Boss Tweed on the question of whether cartoons can affect the way people vote.)

So much for Sparky the Penguin's record as a political consultant.."


billy pilgrim said...

i'll bet a fair number of republicans voted for ralph too so the math may need a little tweaking.

i would have voted for ralph too and that wouldn't have resulted in al losing my hypothetical vote. he never earned it. if i remember correctly he was a little critical of the royal clintons himself.

merry xmas

Bob said...

I almost voted for him, too. He's the only real reformer that has appeared on the national stage in a generation. Unfortunately, he has now gone kook, methinks. I don't know any GOPers who voted for him, mainly because he scared business owners to death. And the God Squad GOPers didn't like him either, so that would leave a very small percentage of GOPers who might have voted for him. If Republicans for Nader and Jews for Buchanan met, a u-haul could handle the crowd.