Sunday, July 12, 2009

Darth Glowing In The Dark

vpResident Evil « The Confluence
"...From the NY Times to the Washington Post to the nattering nabobs of cultural Obanality at CNN, everything is coming up probes. While the White House wants to avoid looking back, the Justice Department appears to be sending out signals that it will look back, hard and deep (per Newsweek). To Eric Holder, servant of the people, I say, full steam ahead! Do we finally have Richard B. Cheney in the targeting sights of ladies liberty and justice or are we being teased again? The economy, universal health care, and just about every other agenda we could possibly support means nothing if our rule of law means nothing. President Obama, of all people, should know and appreciate this..."

The pursuit of the Bush Criminals would have been my third priority as President. They must be brought down if our nation is to continue, otherwise the law means absolutely nothing and eventually no one will be paying it heed. Obama needs to remember the Constitution and his duty to enforce it.

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