Thursday, January 27, 2011

True Colors Test Upcoming

Logistics Monster: "Constitutional conservatives and Tea Party Patriots have an opportunity arriving soon to change the course of the nation yet again by making your feelings KNOWN to your representatives when it comes to extending provisions of the (fascist) Patriot Act which was passed unread, by a progressive congress, and signed by a globalist president. Even though I disagree with Dennis Kucinich often, as a close friend of mine has said in the past, ‘even a clock is right twice a day’, and continuing to allow this government this kind of power is absolute insanity. Here is one of those ‘line in the sand’ opportunities that we must not allow to pass us by..."

We'll see how many Tea Partyers are, in fact, patriots, and how many are just Tea Baggers, surfing along a wave of incoherent fear to line their own corrupt pockets. I predict most will not buck Obama or the Righteous Right but will endorse not only extensions but enhancements of the patently unconstitutional Patriot Act.

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