Monday, May 02, 2011

The Most Important News Of The Day (To Me)

I originally posted the following on November 08, 2008. Last night my son landed in the Middle East for his third tour. It does not get easier.


Today my son trooped aboard a jet and disappeared into the sky, destinied for the war. I never wanted him anywhere near the fighting but he said "Dad, that's where the mission is."

And now that's where he is.

I never wanted any American in the Iraq war; I was deadset against it long before all the braying jackasses decided it was a bad idea. If the politicians all had "some skin in the game," then maybe they would give more careful consideration of American blood in foreign adventures.

Please give me and my boy a hopeful prayer and let him and all our sons and daughters return home safely, for they were not the cause of these wars and they should not have to bear the burdens for other people's flawed egos and poor judgment.

God save us all and bless the real patriots.
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billy pilgrim said...

i hope he's home safe now and not going back.

funny, i was just listening to the green fields of france by john mcdermott and thinking how disgusting it was watching O and the boys glorifying killing.

Bob said...

He just arrived in Kuwait and is now traveling to an undisclosed location, probably mountainous.

I think they should've just announced he was dead and released no other details. If this ops stuff (what my son does) is really so hush-hush aren't they compromising security with all the publicity?