Saturday, April 07, 2012

Higher Ed Is Not Evil, Creepy Ricky

The GOP Campaign and the Damaging of American Community - Macomb, IL - McDonough County The Voice

...But to me, the nuttiest, scariest, and most revealing Santorum comment is his assertion that America’s colleges and universities are “indoctrination mills”---hence, enemies of religious faith. As is so common with the purveyors of the “I am righteous” and “you are evil” view of any person they disagree with, the reverse is true. The wall of separation between church and state, which Santorum wants to dismantle, was established by American founders who knew only too well that schools and other institutions had been used time and again to favor or protect a popular religious view---and to indoctrinate and discriminate.  

The decision of Santorum and his wife to home school all of their children suggests that he wants very much to indoctrinate and that he is afraid for any of his kids to encounter a broad American spectrum of views and do their own thinking. No wonder former Republican senator Alan Simpson recently said, “I do not think it realistic for Rick Santorum to represent America...”

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billy pilgrim said...

yup, true indoctrination begins at a very young age and that's where churches really go to town putting the fear of god into children.