Sunday, April 22, 2012

WSJ Makes Sense On Druga

Much to my surprise, the Wall Street Journal demonstrated some remarkable good sense on the whole drug "problem."
Rethinking the War on Drugs -
...The U.S. has reached a dead end in trying to fight drug use by treating every offender as a serious criminal. Blanket drug legalization has some superficial charm—it fits nicely into a sound-bite or tweet—but it can't stand up to serious analysis. The real prospects for reform involve policies rather than slogans. It remains to be seen whether our political process—and the media circus that often shapes it—can tolerate the necessary complexity.


billy pilgrim said...

unemployment would probably jump half a point if the war on drugs was called off. obumble will have more flexibility after the election.

Bob said...

I hope it does. We've wasted trillions of dollars on this nonsense.