Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Flogging Wall Street

No, they cannot be beaten enough.

Keith Rothfus New York Times Profile - Why I Don't Feel Bad for "Wall Street" Candidates This Year - Esquire

...If "Wall Street" becomes a pejorative in our national dialogue for a while, then that's exactly what "Wall Street" deserves. If an association with "Wall Street" becomes toxic for politicians for a couple of years, then "Wall Street" is still getting off too easily for what it did. I mean, Jesus H. Christ in a top hat and tap shoes, the anti-war movement — which, we should ever recall, was right about everything — was used as a club for so long against Democrats that Democrats eventually learned how to use it on themselves. That went on for decades. We're still only four years out from "Wall Street"'s eating the damn world, and I'm supposed to feel bad because some politicians are being roughed up over it for a cycle or two?

Don't even try.

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billy pilgrim said...

we are all wall street. our pensions are riding on the market.