Saturday, March 02, 2013

Cantor Claims Credit, Er, Blame?

Eric Cantor, the Sequester, and the Death of the Grand Bargain : The New Yorker
...This history is important—the failure of the Grand Bargain and Cantor’s insistence to “have it out” on these issues in the election led to the Byzantine agreement that gave us sequestration and, more generally, the seemingly endless series of deadlines and potential fiscal crises that we have experienced ever since. The Obama-Boehner Grand Bargain proposal was not necessarily an ideal compromise (plenty of people on both the right and the left disliked it), but at least it would have given us a single, comprehensive solution to our fiscal issues rather than the serial brinksmanship and dysfunction that we have now. And according to Cantor, he was the main force in Washington that prevented that 2011 deal from happening.

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