Sunday, March 03, 2013

Injustice For Traitors

Long National Nightmare Over: Jailbird Scooter Libby’s Voting Rights Restored!
...In fact, Republicans are soooo into restoring suffrage to convicted felons that they hardly ever disenfranchise people just for having names that aren’t even the same as those convicted felons! Oh ho ho, and they also hardly ever disenfranchise convicted felons who aren’t actually convicted felons anyway! Goddamn we miss Katherine Harris. That lady was a walking Good Timesparty all by herself! But at least other secretaries of state are keeping the dream alive!...
Comment Of The Day: Scooter Pooter Edition
Comment by thefrontpage
Scooter Libby is one of about 5,000 reasons why about 100 or 200 members of the Bush II administration should have been investigated, charged, tried, found guilty and sent to jail for about 10 years-- each--and that is not a joke. The Bush II administration was literally one of the most corrupt and criminal administrations in this country's history-- along with the Nixon, Reagan and Bush I administrations. Again--no joke. The Republican Party has been simply a center of criminality and corruption for most of the past 50 years-- including scores of civil rights, human rights, war, defense, gas and oil, and big business crimes that have gone uninvestigated, uncharged, untried and unconvicted. The Nixon, Reagan, Bush I and Bush II administrations are four of the worst, most criminal and most corrupt administrations in this country's history-- and skanky, criminal thug people like Scooter Libby are one of several thousand examples of this continuing corruption.

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