Friday, February 21, 2014

Flogging The Confederates

I have serious reservations about the conclusions in this post, though I'm sure it will be accepted as Gospel by most liberals, especially those that forget the old saw about the winners writing the history. I've got a long essay in mind about the Uncivil War but for now, I'll let it stew. The South still lies about the Civil War - l


freespirit said...

It's not even slightly surprising that Salon would feature a hit piece on The South. Southerners are the only group, other than women, about which it's perfectly acceptable to generalize, stereotype, and write disparaging commentary without fear of being considered politically incorrect. Heaven knows, if Salon is anything, its politically correct. The kind of ignorance and prejudice reflected in this article is typical of the mindset too many individuals who have a public platform.

As infuriating this prejudice is to this Southerner, maybe in the long run it's not a bad thing - especially if it keeps self-satisfied, condescending hypocrites from more sophisticated regions of the country away. Hopefully they'll remain in their insular little enclaves, and stay the hell out of the South.

Bob Harrison said...

You are 100%4 correct, freespirit.