Sunday, February 09, 2014

On The Creation Debate

In the Middle of a Ham on Nye Sandwich�|�Joe The Nerd Ferraro:

...Keep in mind that to be a Christian one only needs to follow Christ. He set 2 rules. Love God the Father and treat each other the way you want to be treated. No where does it talk about binding to a creation story. If you need to get more technical, a Christian needs to accept the Apostles' Creed -- no creation story. There are variations inside Christianity as to what gets you past the Pearly Gates. Some people take the predetermination route, others go for good works, and some of us are just hoping for the Grace of God. Still -- no adherence to the Creation Story of Genesis. Had Bill Nye used the overstepping of this sect of Christianity using the terms of Christianity, we could be looking at another 100 years of Creationists building fortresses.

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freespirit said...

Well said. We Southerners have had plenty of exposure to the many expressions of protestantism, have we not. lol