Monday, April 14, 2014

Tea Baggers Make WI Error


...But today's Tea Party-led GOP has no use for an intelligent and principled legislator like Petri, or reverence for the party of Lincoln, founded in Ripon (part of Petri's congressional district). Gov. Walker and the Tea Party / GOP-led legislature have turned the Wisconsin Idea upside down. All historic pacesetting reforms of Wisconsin progressive Republicans are being eviscerated or eradicated. Political debate has become toxic mudslinging. No internal dissent or independence is tolerated. The extreme, narrow and super-ideological Wisconsin GOP is no longer the party of Lincoln. It is now the party of "Loony Tunes". However, the changing demographics of Wisconsin, coupled with a Tea Party-led GOP marching backwards, will eventually end this bad nightmare. All the Walker shenanigans to curtail voting only postpone the future. Better days are coming.

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