Thursday, April 03, 2014

The Wrong Voters

North Carolina probes possible double voting - Tal Kopan -

Republican legislators in North Carolina are calling new information suggesting hundreds of instances of voter fraud “shocking” and “outrageous” and are pushing for a criminal investigation.

Election officials told lawmakers on Wednesday that a system that checks state voter rolls against one another found 765 cases of voters with the same first and last names, birth dates and last four Social Security number digits voting in multiple states in the 2012 election, according to the Raleigh News & Observer...
This voting pattern, along with its accompanying first cousin, tax fraud, has been going on for years. Wealthy retirees own multiple homes in multiple states and vote in multiple elections. I overheard one guy bragging about how he voted against Obama in Florida and then flew upto WNC (in his private plane) so he could vote against him again, though the more common pattern is to use absentee ballots. What the GOP has uncovered is voting fraud all right but moreso from Republicans than Democrats. At least that what's I think will happen if
the investigation continues, but don't count on it since the tax fraud is going to cost some richies some big bucks.
Update from MSNBC:
...In North Carolina, that will depend on just how many of the cases the board found ultimately hold up. And on that score, Levitt isn’t the only election expert who’s expressing skepticism.
“There’s no guarantee that the North Carolina story will follow the multi-step pattern of: 1) big initial number; 2) partisan outrage; 3) further investigation; 4) much smaller actual number; 5) partisan indifference,” Doug Chapin, who as the director of the Program for Excellence in Election Administration at the University of Minnesota, is among the country’s foremost experts on running elections, wrote online. “But in my experience, that’s the way to bet.”

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