Saturday, September 13, 2014

Terror Advice

Common sense please, ISIS more hype than threat (VIDEO):

...If America continues to react to every group that scares us by arbitrarily killing Americans and making threats on social media they likely cannot honor, it will actually make us less secure. America should invest in making America safer at home and letting those most affected by regional threats keep their own houses in order. Sadly Americans die every day in the streets of America and abroad. It is simply not sensationalized in a manner that affects good policy.

We must use common sense. Terrorists are not only in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Somalia. They are all over. Many are already here in the US, both Muslims and Christians (Islamist terrorists and Right Wing militia terrorists in waiting). Dropping bombs in Iraq and Syria does nothing to prevent them from acting. Terrorists DO NOT need a base of operation.

We must not allow the neocons and the military industrial complex to profit once again at the expense of investing our taxes in middle-class programs, middle-class projects, and security at home.

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