Monday, July 25, 2016

Comment Of The Day: Media Treason Edition

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William, on July 25, 2016 at 12:08 PM said:

If anyone somehow ever needed additional proof of how absolutely pathetic and dangerous our media is, this would presumably finally convince them. They act like a bunch of particularly immature 7th graders. They’re sitting on a story about Russian hacking of emails, deliberate dissemination of these emails at a crucial juncture; and the clear evidence that Trump is not only Putin’s candidate, but that he and Manafort have direct ties to Russian money and power.

And what does the beyond worthless media do with this? They gleefully read all the emaiils, snickering and pointing fingers. In essence, they do the work of Putin and Manafort and Trump for them. Now, media, which conclusion shall we draw about you? That you are also bought and paid for by the Russians, and are conspiring to get Trump elected? That you are so abysmally stupid, so much a disgrace to the principles of jounalism, that you can’t even figure out the story, but jump for the first red meat you see dangled in front of you? Or that for you, this entire campaign has only been your effort to fulfill a personal dislike of Hillary Clinton, and to distort or misdirect every story so as to have the most negative impact upon her? It has to be one of those three, so you tell us which explanation you prefer–not that we have to accept it, of course.

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