Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Crazy In NC: Duke Uses State Gov Edition

In addition to pollution, Duke Energy now leaking propaganda | BlueNC:

...During an earlier ad campaign, Perks said, state government officials advised broadcasters not to run the some of the NRDC’s ads because they were false and the stations might face lawsuits. He said the NRDC told the broadcasters it stood by those ads, which ran without further incident.

Bolding mine. This is not only state-sponsored coercion, which should be investigated and dealt with as a criminal act, it also reveals direct connections between industry and government. We need to know "who" contacted these media outlets, and FOIA every single e-mail or paper memo that crossed this person's desk.
That comes off a bit unclear. The above snippets were taken from Blue NC, though I certainly agree with the concluding paragraph.

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