Monday, November 07, 2016

Could This Election Drive A Union Resurgence?

The Latino surge of 2016: Early voting points toward the real “hidden voters” of this election? -

...Most of these immigrants are hardworking folks, doing manual labor or service jobs — people who are also benefiting from unionization drives (which aren’t easy) and a helping hand from government for health care and education. They contribute massively to our economy, our culture and our society. All those pundits and analysts who been wringing their hands over the plight of the angry Trump voters and the Democrats’ alleged abandonment of the working class don’t even seem to see these working-class people.

There are millions of these newly energized voters all over the country and they are voting in vast numbers. With Trump’s threats and Clinton’s outreach, after this election they will very likely be Democrats with a lot of clout in a party that has an agenda that might actually be able to deliver for them. If Trump’s voters can cool down and clear their heads, they might realize they’d be better off standing with these folks than against them.


anonymous said...

I would love to see a union resurgence, especially if they become more inclusive of women than they have been. They were also slow to support black workers in the past, but that did change.

If they're truly looking at including all workers, more power to them. They've been almost the only entity able to fight the economic power of companies' owners and management.

On an o/t but WNC related subject, did you see this article in the Smokey Mtn. News? Good for this Haywood county commissioner calling out J. Edgar Comey:

Bob Harrison said...

I was never able to join a union but if I could have, I would have been the first person through the door. I am pro-union to the nth degree. Oh and thanks for the heads-up!