Sunday, November 06, 2016

Daily PUMA Nails tRump Tax Problem

Go read the whole post. The snippet below is just that.

Daily PUMA: Donald Trump Bombshell. The Real Reason Donald Trump won't release his income tax returns, Donald Trump may face IRS Tax Fraud, Income Tax Evasion, billions in penalties, and possibly Jail Time.:

...So when Donald Trump says he can't reveal his Income Tax Returns, it is because as soon as Mr. Trump publicly reveals his prior Income Tax Returns, a tax expert will realize that Mr. Trump HAS NO IRS TAX FRAUD IMMUNITY regarding his annual tax write-offs that he took right up until possibly 2015. So the IRS Income Tax Statute of Limitations clock would start from the moment the final write off was taken, which was probably around 2015...


Alessandro Machi said...

Thanks for the shout out. Hopefully others will explore this issue prior to Tuesday.

Bob Harrison said...

Glad to give it to a most worthy blogger!