Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lest We Forget: O'Bad Edition

Sunday: Ok, I think we’re on to something here « The Confluence

...No, the reason I didn’t vote for Obama and won’t vote for him ever, is because of the way he participated in disenfranchising Florida and Michigan when it was convenient to him and the rest of us 18,000,000 voters at the convention. I consider that a conspiracy to deprive voters of the right of self-determination which is about the worst sin you can commit in a Democracy. And every bad thing that has followed can be traced back to his actions. He pushed out of the race the more qualified candidate who would have had a better understanding of the mechanisms of government to manipulate during an economic crisis and one who came prepared with a well thought out set of policies on everything from mortgage modifications to infrastructure to healthcare.

The end (his nomination) justified his means (the manipulation of primary and caucus votes) but the rest of us suffer for it...

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