Thursday, January 12, 2012

NH Results Analyzied

Analyze This. « Uppity Woman

The New Hampshire primary results just go to show you how convoluted the religious right and social meddlers really are. Rick Santorum almost took Newt. Which means even Newt isn’t crazy enough for them.

Also, these results  guarantee that all the Paul crackpots are all over the youtubes like cockroaches, declaring Ron Paul The Winner. Just like four years ago. And four years before that. And…oh nevermind.  The Paulies will sprout another boatload of online ‘polls,’ in which they will all vote 20 times, and point to these polls as proof that Ron Paul is Winning.  This never fails. I will say that Ron Paul does believe in leaving people alone and not interfering with their lives. Unless you are a woman...


billy pilgrim said...

you'll never get another team like mike huckabee and chuck norris.

Bob said...

I think that might just be a good thing!