Sunday, June 24, 2012

Election 2012 And The Lesser Evils

Aren't they  nearly always a choice between the lesser of two evils? Both Obama and Romney Dissatisfy Heartland Voters - TIME


Alessandro Machi said...

Now is the time to beat the drum for Hillary Clinton. Alleged Hillary Clinton supporters who don't, maybe never were.

freespirit said...

It will ALWAYS be a choice between the lesser of TWO evils unless the multitude of voters who don't feel their interests are represented by either party, take action.

In 2008, many of us felt we could not overlook the sleazy politics of the DNC as they appointed Obama the party presidential nominee. Some voted McCain (which pissed a lot of others off). Some voted Green Party. Some left the top of the ticket blank. Some even relented and voted for Obama - unable to bear the thought of another Republican in the WH.

The Dem Party threw women under the bus, and then, had the nerve to tell us to crawl out from under it, brush ourselves off, and do whatever the hell they told us to do. After all, they had stood up for reproductive rights and we owed them.

While I will never support anyone who doesn't support women's rights - especially the right to control their reproductive systems - I will not vote for Dems just because they claim to be pro-choice (except for the Obamacare abortion compromise demanded by and granted to a Democrat. Talk is cheap, and for many Dem leaders, talk is all they do.

Nor will I vote for every female candidate, as some groups support. Fact is, some women pols are every bit as anti-women's rights as their male counterparts.

A third major party (and for me - that ain't the socially conservative Tea Party) is sorely needed, and that won't happen as long as we continue support either of the corrupt, self-serving parties. If enough people turn away from both - things will start to change. As long as we complain and protest, but still, in the end, support that party that no longer represents us, we will continue to have no representation.

I will beat the drum for Hillary long and loudly. This country needs her. But, regardless of what happens in 2012, it's time to do the difficult thing, and refuse to blindly support either party. Destruction is often necessary to make room for construction. I say, let the destruction begin.


Bob said...

Ok, guys, you got me going. My opinion above.