Thursday, June 21, 2012

Vets Scammed

Someone scammed most of my father's benefits, then another relative managed to get his estate. The VA could certainly improve in this area.There is a petition at the link.

Tell the US Department of Veterans Affairs to increase its oversight of fiduciaries responsible for managing the funds of mentally-disabled veterans | Support Veterans |

...Until recently, 83 year-old veteran Henry Ashurst had no idea that for a decade he’d been unwittingly financing the gambling habits of crooks Robert Morong Tabbutt and Jack Perry. Robert, a VA field examiner, conspired with Jack, a fiduciary in Memphis, to steal the VA funds designated for nearly a dozen other mentally disabled veterans. The shameless pair managed to siphon away nearly $900,000 from Henry and others, the majority of which they gambled away in Mississippi casinos. Their scheme continued until 2008 when Jack finally came forward and confessed their crimes to the FBI...


Alessandro Machi said...

So they weren't caught, they confessed? wow.

Bob said...

Apparently. Sometimes guilt works but only in people who weren't truly evil.