Monday, November 19, 2012

Destroying More American Jobs

Sikora: GOP insulted voters' intelligence | Online Athens
...But the worst lie was the central point of the Republican campaign narrative: That Mitt Romney was qualified to run the country because he was a successful businessman who created Bain Capital and thus could create American jobs. As the presidential campaign was in the final stretch, in October and earlier this month, Bain Capital — which Romney founded and is still invested in — was, and is still, in the process of doing what it has always done, shutting down a profitable manufacturer. Bain is closing Sensata Technologies, a manufacturer of automotive and aviation sensors in Freeport, Ill., and shipping all 170 American jobs, and the facility’s machinery, to China.

The Republicans need look no further than their own big lies for their resounding defeat. The American electorate doesn’t like to have its collective intelligence insulted so glibly.

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