Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Another GOPer Hypocrite

Family Values Republican Congressman Hid His Out-of-Wedlock Child and First Family:
...Bill Young’s “family values” exemplify perfectly the Republican attitude toward “family” and women. It’s not that Republicans are the only politicians who cheat on their spouses. Of course not.

It’s that they do it and often abandon their first families in order to craft the perfect picture of a “family man” with their second or third family, at the expense and neglect of the other humans with whom they had a contract. They do this while hypocritically advocating for “family values” that just so happen to remove power and control from the very women from whom they demand silence and submission.

If anyone is still confused about why women burn with outrage over the Republican assault on women’s rights, this story should explain it. The premise used to justify the theft of our rights is a lie. We have known this for a long time, and yet the public still seems content to buy into the frame of moral righteousness presented by the Republican Party, regardless of their actions.

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