Monday, January 13, 2014

WV Poison And Koches

From the Keep Voting Republican Department

Koch-Affiliated West Virginia Water Poisoners Ask For SYMPATHY While 300,000 Go Without Water (Video) | Progressive Populist:
...West Virginians have experienced first-hand lately what it is like to live in a third-world country – one without clean water. And Freedom Industries, the Koch-affiliated company that is to blame for it has appeared less than sympathetic to the plight of the 300,000 residents who have been affected by their negligence.

In fact, Kathy Stover-Kennedy, the girlfriend of Freedom Industries CEO Dennis Farrell, has taken to Facebook to complain about death threats Farrell and others have received, and has downplayed the whole incident. She claims that she brushed her teeth with the contaminated water, and that “the boys at the plant” showered and made coffee with the water. Here is the screen shot captured by AATTP from her Facebook page, which has since been deleted...

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