Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Voters Like 'Em Corrupt

Out of Office and Facing the Feds - The Daily Beast:
...One thing is worth noting about McDonnell: While his popularity suffered as a result of the “gifts” scandal, Virginia voters never turned against him decisively. Polls before the election had him at 50 percent approval, and a final internal poll placed his job approval rating at 62 percent. Even with his clear corruption, voters still liked McDonnell and his tenure.

We should keep this in mind as we evaluate the scandal that has engulfed the other Republican golden boy from 2009—New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. GOP defenders of the governor have noted the extent to which “Bridgegate” has yet to touch his popularity with the state’s voters, as if this were a rebuttal to claims that the scandal could destroy his political future. It isn’t...

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Alessandro Machi said...

Would be interesting to get a final tally on what was lost because of the intentional delay.

Oh wait, there is that lawsuit, possibly lots of depositions from people affected by the delay.