Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Comment Of The Day: War Police $ Edition

Jake Tapper Denounces Militarized Police Response In Ferguson

Pj Parker · Top Commenter 

Soldiers can have the "us vs them" attitude in a foreign land, because they go home, back to America, where' they're safe.

Police are home. This is where they live. That "us vs them" attitude
makes them above the law. It allows them to believe they are overlords
of the people, creating fear, distrust, and resentment.

has to stop. We don't need police 90% of the time. We need peace
keepers. We need diplomacy. We need community leaders. We need a united
community working toward the greater good.

But, war profiteers
really, really want a civil war in the USA. District Attorneys really
need to fill those for profit prisons, and lawyers and bail bondsmen
need to make a living. Look at the money to be made with little effort.
Look at the money they make now, arming an entire country's police
force as if it were a war zone. 

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