Tuesday, August 05, 2014

O'Shell Shocked

The Shellshocked Presidency - Esquire:

...For the past four years, it seems to me, at least since the American people in their infinite wisdom elected the worst Congress in the history of the Republic, the current administration has been functioning on many issues at a level approximating shell-shock. It is not that they haven't been able to get anything done; it is remarkable that they've been able to disarm Syria's chemical weapons without giving John McCain the big boom-boom that he so wanted. The economy is recovering, slowly and unevenly, and there was no second Great Depression. But, day to day, this administration has been under constant bombardment almost since the president took his hand off the Bible in 2009. It now lurches from one place to the next, hoping to find five minutes' respite from the assault on its policies, and on the very legitimacy of a twice-elected president. In this, I think, the president and his administration are very much in the place described by those researchers who studied those afflicted soldiers. This administration is slug-nutty because it is so rational. It is afflicted with the blind staggers because all of its senses are functioning "with painful efficiency." It has figured out all too well -- and far too late -- the source of the bombardment that has been laid down upon it daily for the past six years...

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