Monday, January 05, 2015

A Set-up Murder?

A drug informant lied, SWAT pounced, a man died - The Washington Post:

Back in July, we looked at the case of Jason Wescott, a Florida man shot and killed by a police SWAT team during a drug raid over an alleged sale of $200 worth of pot to a police informant. The tragedy was exacerbated by the fact that according to friends and relatives, Wescott had been previously threatened by a man who had broken into his home. When he reported the threat to police they apparently told him, “If anyone breaks into this house, grab your gun and shoot to kill.” Officers from the very same police agency then raided Wescott over some pot. When he grabbed his gun, they killed him...
...And so the pile of bodies grows. The cops get cleared. The drug war marches on. And then it all happens again.

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