Thursday, January 15, 2015

Flogging Priebus

Priebus Is A GOP Marionette With Little Control Over The Presidential Selection Process - Esquire:

... Priebus deserves the credit for reinventing the modern political party only if you don't count the contributions (in every sense of the damn word) of the Koch Brothers, Foster Friess, Sheldon Adelson, and, especially, the Supreme Court of the United States which, during Priebus's tenure as the Republican party's most conspicuous public marionette, effectively has legitimized bribery and formalized influence peddling while simultaneously declaring the Day Of Jubilee so that Republicans out in the states can disenfranchise inconvenient voters, and most of the state legislators who are doing so owe their allegiance to a lot of people who are not Reince Priebus. Crediting Priebus for these developments, as though he had any control over any of them, is rather like crediting the local dowser for the last hurricane...

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