Monday, January 05, 2015

Comment Of The Day: Defining Weaselspeak

Republicans Looking For Help From Judicial Activists They Once Derided - Esquire

Barry Friedman · · Top Commenter · University of Tulsa · 171 followers

(Excuse the blatant self-promotion of this, but this from my column on Pruitt, which will be out Wednesday)

"Scott Pruitt is for states rights, unless the state wants to ban assault weapons or allow its citizens to get high; he’s a champion of individual liberties, unless the individual wants an abortion or to marry someone with the same genitalia; he’s pro-life, unless the life at stake is a bad man who must be executed, proper protocols be damned; he’s pro-family, unless it’s a family of Latinos where the children are legal but the parents are not; he’s against the influence of religion in society, unless that religion is Christianity and  espoused by a company that sells arts and crafts; he’s for the safe exploration of energy, unless energy companies are burdened by independent safety criteria; he’s for homeowners, unless it costs rapacious home lenders any money; and he’s for health care, unless he has to help pay for anyone else to have it."

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