Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Doing v. Talking

Addicting Info – CEO Slashes Own Pay To Raise All Wages To $70,000, And Business Is Booming (VIDEO):

...Unlike the many CEOs raking in over 331 times the average pay of their workers, Price believes in setting a good example.

“So my message is, think about what’s the right thing for you to do. Because, with leadership, there’s a moral imperative to lead and to do the right thing for those that you’re leading.”

When Lake asked about how other CEOs — who may feel pressured to start paying more — have responded, Price replied that most feedback has been positive. Most of the business leaders he’s heard from either say they’ll do it or that they want to be in a position to do so in the future.

As for those who don’t, yes, Price would like to reverse the current trend towards income inequality...

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