Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Howling At Wolf

Blitzer gets schooled by a Baltimore protester.From "Wolf Blitzer disinterested condescension is palpable"

...Deray McKesson said he wants peaceful protest. He then put Wolf Blitzer in his place. “You are making a comparison. You are suggesting this idea that broken windows are worse than broken spines,” Deray McKesson said. “What we know to be true is that the police are killing people everywhere. They are killing people here. Six police officers were involved in killing Freddie Gray. And we are looking for justice there and that’s real. The violence that the police have been inflicting on communities of color has been sustained and deep.”

I wish Deray McKesson had added that the media had been derelict in their duties as police violence and killings have gone virtually unreported. That said, each time he spoke he made sure to be the one driving the narrative. That is how one must use the traditional mainstream media when the opportunity arises

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