Monday, April 13, 2015

UnAbortion And Walmart

Walmart Religious Zealot Denies Woman Medication After Her Tragic Miscarriage:

...Now keep in mind, Cortrett was NOT trying to have an abortion. She was trying to handle a medically necessary procedure after having one of the most tragic outcomes possible after becoming pregnant. This pharmacist at Wal-Mart, however, had it so ingrained in her head that the medication was only for abortion that she decided to make this horrific time in Cortrett’s life just a little bit worse.

A couple things can be gathered from this. The pharmacist has either decided that she won’t give out the medication under any circumstances regardless of the fact that it’s not solely for abortions, or she’s so devoid of knowledge in her field that she doesn’t realize the prescription has more than one use. So she’s either inept at her job, which is to dispense life-saving medication to people, or she has decided that HER religious and moral beliefs should dictate the lives of others...

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