Sunday, May 10, 2015

Clinton Scandals: Nobody Cares

Why Hillary Clinton Doesn't Need Americans to Trust Her -

For all those convinced that the serial allegations of ethical impropriety swirling around Hillary Clinton will puncture her prospects of winning the presidency next year, there's a relevant precedent to consider: On the day Bill Clinton was reelected by more than eight million votes in 1996, a solid 54 percent majority of voters said in exit polling that they did not consider him honest and trustworthy.

It's possible that voters have since grown less tolerant of perceived ethical missteps, such as the questions Hillary Clinton is facing over her private State Department email account and the Clinton Foundation's fund-raising practices. But it's more likely that empathy, faith in her competency, and ideological compatibility will count more than integrity in shaping voters' verdict on Hillary Clinton—just as they did for her husband...

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